Sunday, February 10, 2008

So Carl Wants "UNBIASED" Captioning?

Here's one for Carl.

It's Gary Brooks "Oh Thank You!" video blog CAPTIONED!




  1. hope you had permission.

  2. Gotta hand it to you, Richard. You did a good job! Does Gary know about this? I hope you checked with him first. I'm going to go check out overstream....

    ~ LaRonda

  3. Why would you want to captioning Gary "SICKO" Brooks's vlog? I think you are in love with him.

  4. I only demonstrated I can make a bias-free captioning. Bias-free is the key word.

    And overstream makes it very easy maybe Gary will take up on the simplicity of making your videos accessible to the hearing.

    If I can do it, then you can do it your self. What Carl did was to try discourage us from captioning our videos ourselves. Discourage literacy too?


  5. Howdy Richard!

    Thank you for doing captioning! you did good job! wish I have someone to do the captioning for my show because I am terrible with English. If someone do the captioning for my future show that's fantastic!

    My show is all access for both Deaf and Hearing audience. I do not discuss about "agree" or "disagree" with captioning. I am only doing "show" for everyone... it's free!!!

    Life's short so enjoy as much you can!

    :) Gary Brooks

  6. Richard,

    I follow your vlog and blog.

    I thought you couldn't read ASL.

    You surprised me. You certainly can read ASL very well.

    Needless to say, your translation into captioning according to Gary Brooks' ASL is impressive. You again surprised me, you certainly can fully understand ASL.

    I am however puzzled as to why you always talk negatively about deaf people, our culture and our ASL as its own language.

    Allright, I've got to admit, your signing is OK, not too great, but your perspective in people's using ASL is outstanding.

    I'm confused about you.

  7. You typed Cillary Hlinton instead of Hillary Clinton as Gary spelled. Let's talk about bias.

  8. Hey Gary Brooks,

    Richard's English sucks! Sorry to have to disappoint you.

  9. Thank you all for the comments.

    Well its a skill I've learned at the International CSUN Disability and Technology conference 2 years ago. The software they had from Michigan University was a bit hard and time consuming to use.

    Overstream made it easier. Maybe they'll talk about overstream this year at the CSUN conference this March. We'll be there.

    As for typos they are not indication of bias.


    I've captioned another video, of a touchier subject, this one's harder.

  10. Richard,

    Finally, I see you did a good deed for the Deaf Community by creating a caption for a ASL vlogger. I like that. I admitted that I was impressed with your voluntary typing. No need to be angry, pessimistic, and resentful toward us - deafies, ASLans, deaf-culture lovers, and anti-AgBad people.

    Surprised Silly Tony

  11. With captioning made so easy these days.

    I now see deafies looking for reasons not to caption their videos.

    Carl brought up some, and Shawn brings up others. Others will bring up whatever reasons not to caption your video blogs.

    Maybe what we're seeing is one of the basic footings of the high illiteracy rate we're seeing in the deaf communities.

  12. I wanted to say thank you for captioning the videos. It means an awful lot to someone who is trying to learn ASL. I will look forward to seeing more of them done :)

    Overstream is awesome for captioning but if some people just don't have the time, then that is fine, no big deal. If some people are choosing not to do it out for whatever reasons, then there is nothing you can do. Just the simple fact that I am seeing more and more blogs being captioned since I promoted Overstream is a step in the right direction. I will be adding you to my reader :)

    Thanks for the comment left on my blog too!

  13. LOL Carl, Carl, Carl... when I first saw his Vlog about captioning, I was SHOCKED. I have no words for such an idiotic Vlog. I don't speak idiot language.

  14. Well its a skill I've learned at the International CSUN Disability and Technology conference 2 years ago. The software they had from Michigan University was a bit hard and time consuming to use.

    OK, Richard, please tell me more about the software and where I can get it?

    THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!