Saturday, February 02, 2008

Deaf and Deafblind Make Aromatherapy Pillows

Aromatic pleasure you can rest your head on.

We can stuff empty sofa pillow casings with freshly harvested mountain Laurel Sumac leaves for the the fresh mountain smell in your room. These are done by deaf people with other disabilities in our group home.

Here in the video above you can see Cam and Sharky plucking leaves off the branches

A lotta work went into this small pillow. Harvest starts with a 45 mile drive to the hills. Quality branches are harvested. They're cleaned out, plucked, and stuffed into pillow casings by hand. We offer them in different sizes.

These are then sold through websites and swapmeets the money goes to the upkeep of the group home helping make it affordable to the disabled people in an upscale area.

Here's another great video of my aromatherapy pillow


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