Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Richard Roehm Memorial Ranch Blog for January 13th, 2016

Wednesday, January 13, 2016, 1915 Hrs., 48 degree with gusty wind and chill factor, BRRR.

Good evening readers!

Today it was windy all day and slightly gusty. It’s a bad way to paint the trailer with flying dirt all around and tumbleweeds rolling around our property.

Tomorrow I heard it’s going to be over $1 billion lotto, who going to play and help donate some to us?

I didn’t do much today, but I managed to clean the floor for the millionth of time. I’m still tracking some dirt when I enter our RV. Still need pallet and plywood with fake hard grass doormat that would help a lot.

I took a long afternoon nap while it still windy and still feel RV rocking like a small earthquake.

My idea is after we get donated 2 or 3 days backhoe with grader in the back rental, level our property and make temporary road, I will move the RV up north for a bit (about 5 yards) and hopefully someone can donate 4 or 6 stabilizer jack so I can stabilized the RV so I won’t feel so shaky RV during windy days.

I know I made Blog from yesterday and don’t know why it’s not posted yet. I apologize about that. If my both Blog (Tuesday and Wednesday) don’t show up in our Blog site in the morning then I will deal with it the HARD way. [Editor's note: I had a lot of problems yesterday. Sorry. I am staying up later tonight to get everything fixed up.]

I am really low on fuel and try to manage to work on solar panel battery to work on this, really the solar panel won’t work all night with my heating pad to keep me warm overnight while I sleep. These flower pottery never worked with the candles as it shown in Youtube.

For tomorrow, I will pull out our eBay order and take to the post office and do a quick laundry which it is about 6 blocks between Post Office and laundrymat and come back here and try to get painting started, depending on weather.

Just a reminder that our eBay Store still still on sale and only 2 weeks left, please visit our eBay Store at today!

Also please visit our Amazon Wishlist at: today!

That’s all folks!

Bobby FLeener

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