Friday, January 22, 2016

Richard Roehm Memorial Ranch Blog for January 21st, 2016

Thursday, January 21, 2016, 1840 Hrs., 50 degrees, cloudy.

Good evening once again!

Yesterday, Wednesday, I couldn’t do any blogging because I didn't know what happened to my Tuesday blog until it finally showed up this morning.

Anyways, yesterday I finally managed to clean the exterior wall of our trailer before it started to turn cloudy and the wind started again, Grrr! I also removed two broken mini blinds, one above the sofa and another from my bedroom and tossed it out and tried to installing the two wooden blinds that Beth got for me and but it didn’t work it out so I pouted about it and put them back in the trailer and re-cleaned the floor again!

Today, we got a new eBay order last night, I managed to pull it out from the trailer, fired up the generator to get the printer working to make the shipping label print out and shut it down.

I finally could go to town to drop off an eBay order and save my time and to do laundry and filled up one of our 5 gallon bottles of fresh water. It cost $1.50, I think it’s too much for that vending machine instead of using the one at Wal-Mart. The Laundromat and water vending machine is just about 4 blocks away from post office. It saves gas and time to do all 3 in one trip. Pretty smart! Yes, laundry here is quite high, compared in Orange County is $1.50 and here is $2.75 for the front loader, $1.00 for the top loader in OC and $2.50 here!

When I came back, as I was putting away clean white towels, Beth texted me stating the video she made was deleted from YouTube, how stupid! I told her to file appeal to explain who we are.

Beth is going to use the videos in our Google drive instead, good idea!

As I was trying to clean up myself by shaving with hot solo-stove and change my clothes to look nice for the video filming. At 4:00 pm As I started to do it with my smartphone, it’s got too dark to film videos. Oh drat! I will try again tomorrow.

Beth also texted me about begining of the year fundraising with a link. I told her please to email me the link instead so I can spread the word around, please do keep your eyes open on my next blog as she stated she will post it everywhere. She needs to also post that in Craigslist as well.

Beth and OCDAC needs your help to bring up funding for the Youth Expo which it will be on Spring 2016 in Costa mesa. Please do help us by visiting our website at or email Beth at [email protected] or by calling her at 714 699-3323. Beth also needs some volunteers to help her at the expos which are coming up soon. Also I would like to have Beth get a volunteer for grant writing.

Beth is currently working on the Volunteers Application online, so we will update on that soon.

Anyway, on my Tuesday blog that I mentioned about the square plastic container instead of Circle, I think I made mistake of using “square”, but I think it should be rectangular plastic container to cover the battery and 2 inverters to protect them from the rain. Color is no matter to me, but it’s needs to be good quality that can bear the weights of 2 or 3 bricks that would hold down during strong winds.

Well, that’s about it for the day and it’s getting cold now here and want to climb on my bed to stay warm as much as I can and watch Hulu movies.

G’night folks!

Bobby Fleener
RRMR General Manager
Vice President, OCDAC

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