Saturday, January 23, 2016

Richard Roehm Memorial Ranch Blog for January 22nd, 2016

Friday, January 22, 2016, 2045 Hrs., 44 degrees, mostly cloudy.

Happy Friday everyone!

I woke up bit late, must have overslept for some reason.

I have not fired up the generator at all today to save the gas. I only fired up the generator last night to charge up some battery for about an hour that solar battery is so small and won’t charge too well one at night time since no sunlight. Once all the battery fully charge up, I shut it down. Maybe we need a larger battery that may help, I am not for sure about that yet. My idea is that there’s another inverter in Beth’s “Green Bag” that she rarely use it anymore and I will ask her to bring that inverter so I can use that for Astro van to charge something up with it.

I have 2 power packs here with me, one of them is dead, that’s the one we used it at the storage as I tried air up the trailer tire that got badly smoke came out of it. Another one is in good shape and does charge up the cell and laptop battery good. I am going to ask Beth to bring her power pack with her next time when she come visiting me so we can trade it, so she can take another home with her to charge it up. It’s does take at least 24 hours to fully charge up. I can’t have generator runs it 24 straight hours to charge it.

Anyway I finally managed to clean up small area including did some dishes before I make some video. I finally made 3 videos today, one at a time. I charge my cell battery with silver inverter which it have USB port to plug it in. 1 hour at a time. During the battery being charged up, I upload the video to my drive. During that time, I kept myself busy to clean up the floors again and reorganized my room. I also pulled out another eBay order from the trailer and will pack it, label it and take it to the post office tomorrow.

I finally managed to upload all 3 videos to my Google Drive and do not know why I am showing 3 same videos in the drive each and I shared with them with Beth.

After I wrapped up for the video, I cooked myself a small dinner with Solo-Stove, (yes, I only eat 1 meal a day) and started a campfire for a peaceful Friday Night Live campfire warmth! Here’s the video I made:

Anyways, on my last blog as I mentioned about Beth created new link and here is the link at:

Please, do take a minute or two to visit this link and help us to raise funds so we can get materials for the chickens in our ranch project. Please help us by donating $10 or more.

Also Beth made a video that was deleted by YouTube and Beth filed appeals about us and surprising to us the video was restored. Please see her video at: today and you can click donate there.

Well, that’s about it. Tomorrow it should be raining and windy, so I don’t know for sure, but I will take the eBay order to the post office when the rain not too bad and do one quick errand and come back here and try to finish off the videos again.

Have a great weekend folks!

Bobby Fleener

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