Friday, January 08, 2016

Richard Roehm Memorial Ranch Blog for January 7th, 2016

Thursday, January 7, 2016, 1900 Hrs, 41 degrees, cloudy, light wind.

Good evening!

Pretty weird today! This morning I woke up with calm weather, partly cloudy and the temperature still sticking to the upper 40’s all day.

Some of the ground was almost dried up and some area have mud and standing water. After I was fully woke up, I went on the roof to check out where the leaks is at, I had to squeeze standing water off the roof so, and it’s still to damp to for a coating of roofing cement tar, so I rather wait a bit longer.
After I sweep off the standing water on the roof, I notice that front unit as slowing down the drippings.

I finally can get into our trailer to pull out 2 eBay order and get ready to ship it out. When I was halfway to the post office, Beth texted me that she want me to removed the plate from Astro van and ship it to her ASAP. I had to “About Face” back to our land. I yank 2 plates off of the van and wrapped it into brown craft paper, and labeled it along with a USPS tracking # label.

I went to the nearest Post Office on Lancaster Blvd, but the clerk refused accept it. Sounds like she was hired without any training! So I had to go to another Post Office which is 5 miles further southwest, it appears to be HQ Post Office of Lancaster. This time, that clerk is very nice and understanding what “Free Matter for the Blind” means and she accept it, scanned it for me and it’s on the way. How nice!

Anyway, this morning I checked out weather website and it said it should be light rain starting at 5 pm, but it never came, how odd! Just a few minutes ago, I check it again, no rain for a while, tonight will be in the lower 30’s and partly cloudy, tomorrow in the 50’s. The 30’s is no good but the 50’s is okay to me.

I came back safe and sound. Took care of the Astro van as I told Beth I will add 1 more gallon of gas into it.  I put 1 ½ gallons of gas in it, but gas meter won’t change, nuts! At 3:30 pm had a quick dinner and hot coffee with 1 hour break, then off to work on eBay.

Finally! I finally caught up on getting all the braille magazine into new listing in eBay! YAY!!!

Well, ok, that’s it folks!

Bobby Fleener

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