Friday, January 15, 2016

Richard Roehm Memorial Ranch Blog for January 14th, 2016

Thursday, January 14, 2016, 1745 Hrs., 51 degree - strong wind. Yuck!

Good evening again!

Today is not to good because it’s windy again, dust still flying around. I still have to do clean up inside our RV after the wind’s dust. There’s still wind drafts going on around here. I know our main door still needs weather strips around it and I’m still sticking towel at the bottom of door frame which has a big draft!

I managed to pull out our eBay order and take it to the post office and finally managed to do laundry today! I haven’t done any laundry since 3 days before I left Santa Ana. I still got some laundry to do, this time, white towels that I had for cleaning. Hopefully tomorrow!

After I came back from laundry and post office, for some reason, my stomach got a bit upset for a short time. I do not know why.

We got 2 more items sold from our eBay Store today, this time it is International shipping.

I did charge up my cell phone with Solar Panel inverter with USB and I find it that it takes bit longer than it should. I really didn’t want to disconnect Solar charging clip to put another inverter so I can charge up my laptops today, since it’s windy and didn’t want dirt get on the laptop. I would love to have both inverter hooks up at the same time so my laptop can charge up while Solar Panel charging the battery.

Beth did texted me this morning and wants me to remind her to bring more some sort of electrical items. Last time she were here, she also said she going to bring something for her cat, Mike. She needs either bring or bring cash since I have been taking care of her cat since Kirsten left as she gave up her cat to Beth. So since late Spring 2015 I have spend money for Mike.

Since it’s windy, I had no choice but to fire up generator to fix me a nice hot dinner with crockpot instead using Solo-Stove.

For tomorrow, I will pull out 2 eBay orders and take to the post office, do laundry and hopefully do paint if it is no wind at all!

Have a good night!

Bobby Fleener

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