Thursday, October 22, 2009

PLYmedia Unlocks Online Video Viewing for Disabled, Providing Online Video Access to the Hearing Impaired with Video Captioning

Source Link - PLYmedia Unlocks Online Video Viewing for Disabled, Providing Online Video Access to the Hearing Impaired with Video Captioning

A supporter of the National Broadband Plan for the Disabled, PLYmedia will
present the Federal Communication Commission with a solution to extend online
video access to the hearing impaired

PALO ALTO, Calif.--(Business Wire)--
PLYmedia (, a pioneer in enhancing online video, has been
selected by the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) to present on a select
panel of industry experts, a solution for providing equal access to online video
content to the hearing impaired. Focused on breaking online video barriers,
PLYmedia's customized closed captions and language subtitles create an
opportunity to fully engage all audiences and enable businesses to increase
online revenues, through sponsorship and ad-insertion on video, by targeting
unlimited viewership. "Whereas once the FCC's E911 mandates for wireless
handsets may have been considered by some as an industry burden, now mobile
location based services are important drivers of wireless data revenue.
Similarly, PLYmedia believes that online video captions provide a win-win
situation for the both the hearing impaired and video content producers," said
Matt Knopf, Vice President of Business Development.

PLYmedia provides an integrated technological solution for all the needs of
creation, editing, serving, managing and distributing closed captions and
subtitles. PLYmedia supports all common players and formats and provides a full
solution for converting and encoding closed captions and subtitles to common
screens, from PC to mobile devices like iPhone. PLYmedia supports real-time
creation of subtitles as well as solution for archived content. The technology
provided by PLYmedia serves both the creation of content by professional or
amateur translators.

PLYmedia equips video content producers with the tools to accompany audio
content with text, opening video viewing to 28 million hearing impaired
Americans as well as video viewers unable to utilize audio in the workplace.
This essential video layer enables publishers to capitalize on growing video
trends such as silent video viewing as studies continue to show workers' growing
daytime presence online.

Recent trials from leading online publishers reveal a 40% increase in video
viewing when overlaying PLYmedia's closed captions and subtitle screen layers to
online video. In addition, 80% more people watched the entire video to
completion when given an option to choose from a menu of subtitles on the video
screen. Providing video content in multiple languages with the option of
switching the default language according to the user`s IP address or web browser
has proved to be a cost-effective and easy method to monetize video content and
attract advertisers globally.

PLYmedia's technology also provides federal agencies with a cost effective
solution for Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act compliance when offering
online video.

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About PLYmedia

PLYmedia is an expert in understanding online video. PLYmedia`s open platform of
solutions challenge conventional video by overlaying rich, external information
to enhance online video. By analyzing video behavior and presenting effective
video enhancing solutions, these information PLYs increase viewer interest and
audience whilst ensuring longer time of engagement. Designed to bring new value
chains to the screen, PLYmedia offers professional services enabling online
publishers and advertisers with the option to overlay targeted interactive
solutions such as subtitles and closed captioning, contextual ads and affiliate
program solutions. PLYmedia`s in-depth understanding of video opens up new
opportunities in increased sponsorship opportunities and in expanding brand

The company, privately funded by leading VCs and prominent industry
stakeholders, is headquartered in the United States with R&D facilities in


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