Sunday, October 18, 2009

Phone Booths for Deaf and Blind Students

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Vodafone, Ghana’s number one telecommunication network has provided Mampong Senior Technical School of the Deaf and Akropong School for the Blind, with specialized phone booths to enable students easily communicate with families and loved.

In the case of deaf and dumb students, they will communicate through texting while the blind will use unique key pads.

Commissioning the booths, Vodafone’s Internal Communications Manager, Isaac Abraham, said the provision of the phone booths was in line with the company’s vision to ensure that all sections of the society obtain easy access to communication equipment. He said Vodafone provided the phone booths to those schools not only because of students’ special needs but also because education law does not permit students to use handsets on campuses.

He entreated school authorities to take good care of the phone booths to lengthen their lifespan.

The Assistant Headmaster of Mampong Senior Technical School for the Deaf, Afenu Emmanuel expressed his heartfelt gratitude to the management of the company.

“I am very delighted for this profound gesture, indeed we believe now that some corporate bodies like Vodafone do care about our communication with the outside world,” he added.

Mr. Afenu said the company’s bold step has proved how reliable it is and asked other telecommunications companies to emulate Vodafone’s example.

On behalf of the School for the Blind, Osahene Offei Kwasi Agyeman (IV), the Board Chairman commended Vodafone for coming to the aid of the school, Osahene said the visually impaired can hear and do what normal people can do, adding that it is the right of the disabled to have effective communication with people they love.

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