Thursday, October 29, 2009

Deaf and dumb social worker feted by governor

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Governor Dr S S Sidhu, who was moved after reading a newspaper report about the life story of Raju Anath, a deaf and dumb orphan doing social work at Ponda, handed over a cheque for Rs 25,000 to him.

Sidhu has obtained a factual report through the Goa police department about his life. The newspaper report indicated that Anath was voluntarily helping in traffic discipline at Ponda and taking special care of school children and their safety.

The report submitted by the DIG, Goa, stated that Anath was in Goa for the last 30 years and is spending his days on streets and pavements.

He is rendering selfless service in regulating traffic at Ponda which is appreciated by the media and the people. As a traffic warden, he is performing the duty early morning and spending the whole day at the bus stand.

Though Anath is deaf and dumb, people understand his gestures and communicate with him. He is seen near traffic signals where he helps the traffic police to clear chaotic traffic during day time. Anath has set an example before the public on how to serve the society selflessly, despite being handicapped.

The police felt that he needed help and assistance from the government. Taking into consideration the fact that in spite of being deaf and dumb, Anath has been rendering selfless service to the society, the governor granted him Rs 25,000, on humanitarian grounds. He was called to the Raj Bhavan on Wednesday, and the governor personally handed over a cheque for Rs 25,000 to him.

The governor has advised him to deposit the cheque in his already existing bank account, so that the interest accruing out of this amount could be of some help towards his day-today livelihood.

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