Monday, October 19, 2009

Deaf Man Claims Police Severely Mistreated Him

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A Central City Kentucky man admits he got very mad when the family dog ate his $3,000 hearing aid. But he thinks the police overreacted to his anger.

The man says police tased him four times, arrested him and dragged him off to jail where he spent nearly 24 hours naked. However, the police have another version of the events.

The whole thing started Monday when Alan and Evelyn Hearld's dog Pixie mistook a hearing aid for a doggie treat. “I wanted to kill the doggie. I was mad he ate my hearing aid," said Alan Hearld. He was born deaf, and was so angry he wanted to kill all the dogs in the house. That's why his wife called 911. "I just wanted them to calm him down not arrest him," said Evelyn Hamm Hearld.

When police arrived Alan Hearld told them to get off his property. "Mr. Hearld came outside and started yelling and cursing. Officers told him at least three times to calm down he did not and they placed him under arrest for disorderly conduct," said Central City Police Chief Brent Roberson.

Roberson says Herald was tased once after kicking an officer and trying to kick out the patrol car window. But Hearld says he is recovering from two broken ankles and did not kick at all. "They lie, they hurt my feet when they shove me,"said Hearld. He claims to be tased four times, twice while being arrested and twice in jail. Hearld showed Fox 7 four different sets of wounds on his legs and groin he claims came from the taser.

In jail, Hearld said his clothes were taken from him. But jail officials say he wasn't tased at all in jail and Hearld chose to be naked. According to Deputy Groves with the Muhlenberg County Jail, "Hearld gave bogus information. His son who is also in jail says Hearld can hear when he wants to and doesn't need an interpreter. No one gets special treatment, everyone has to wear a jump suit and he chose not to. Hearld screamed all night," he said.

Hearld says he screamed because he didn't understand why he had to wear a jump suit, why he was tased or why he was arrested "There is no way I can hear," said Hearld.

Police however say Hearld told them he can hear a little and read lips. Officers say they made sure Hearld understood why he was arrested.

According to Hearld, he asked officers for an interpreter and was ignored. He was released on Tuesday afternoon and and spent nearly 24 hours in jail, nude.

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