Sunday, September 06, 2009

San Francisco Traffic Schools Held Hostage (By Sign Language) II

Source Link - San Francisco Traffic Schools Held Hostage II

Some time ago I wrote an article on what appeared to be a lawsuit against The "Traffic Schools in San Francisco" and a few in the north end of San Mateo County. The law suit alleged “discrimination” with a prospective student who was in need of ASL (American Sign Language Interpreter Services) and that need wasn’t addressed and the person needing those services claimed they suffered as a result.

That case is being resolved, that person’s needs were addressed and the real winners are the students and the traffic schools. Thanks to AB3106, AB3162 which are both designed to accomodate students in need tends to “Bridge the Gap” for the schools which are for profit businesses. American Sign Language Interperter Services is a crucial specialized service, that is "expensive" typically running on average around $1600 for 8 hours of ASL Interperter service.

AB3106 and AB3162 recommends that traffic schools colloborate with their resources, requires DMV to provide visual aids to enhance the sign language Interperter service in order to present the required curriculmum to the students in need.

Dmv , didn't provide the visual aids or the DVD as the law required, the traffic schools found a sign language interperter, the teacher put the required traffic school course material on power point and the other students effectively colloborated with the students in need. the three "asl" students who attended had nothing but positive reviews which ranged from "This was fun and I learned since it was my first time" in traffic school, to '"the instructor did a great job including everyone in the learning process"

Government may legislate one thing but it takes a "community" to meet the needs of all involved. Special thanks to: A - Safeway Traffic School, Shelia at Speed Traffic School, Rosie at Rosie's Driving and Traffic School as well as S.F. Bay Traffic School

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