Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Gilligan’s Place: Helping deaf & blind dogs

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A local woman is trying to get help for the dogs that need it most.

Gilligan’s Place is a near 60-acre sanctuary for deaf and blind dogs. The owner is starting small – and hoping for big things in the future.

"If a deaf dog ends up in a pound, chances are they won't be adopted as readily as another dog and oftentimes they'll put them to sleep,” Jan MacCartney said.

Jan started Gilligan’s Place, located near Ridgeland, last year. She’s applying for non-profit status and hopes to one day foster deaf and blind dogs on her property.

"They're very easy to train,” she said. “They're really not much different than other dogs; expect that they can't hear obviously. Deaf dogs are typically trained using American Sign Language combined with hand signals."

Jan is also part of an online community that rescues deaf dogs. And, she says she can’t wait to have more pups running around her yard.

"They're very worth-while having."

If you decide to bring a deaf dog into your household, Jan says you have to make sure it suits your family.

If you’d like to help get Gilligan’s Place up-and-running, call Jan at 715-203-0076.

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