Thursday, September 03, 2009

Now we need a T-Mobile DEAF Tariff

Source Link - Now we need a T-Mobile DEAF Tariff

Loving this Android Device - But So sick of paying for calls I cannot Use

Nine million people in the UK (15% of the population) suffer from permanent, disabling hearing loss.

The estimated demographic figure has ranged from 22 million deaf and hard of hearing to as high as 36 million deaf and hard of hearing worldwide. Of these, only a few million are considered "deaf" and the remainder are hard of hearing but cannot use a phone.

for 30 years this group has had to PAY for Unused "Call Time" and are sick of it.

I will launch a Data only package for registered DEAF users within 3 months in the UK but wishes a a network would provide a worldwide backbone for these services.

the first phone available will be the HTC HERO but other ANDROID phones will be introduced later in the year.

I want to hear from DEAF Users - (especially the angry ones that are fed up with the way DEAF users are treated)

I especially want to hear from developers that can provide as real time as possible SUBTITLES to speech.

Switch on the app and anything heard by microphone could be sent to a server for voice to text and squirted back to the phone. Come on IBM we know you love Android :)

So All you can eat Data Plan - Pay for calls as you go. a Lovely Android Phone and best of all IF your a network it could add millions of LOYAL customers and their mothers and brothers.

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