Sunday, September 06, 2009

Lend an ear to the hearing-impaired

Source Link - Lend an ear to the hearing-impaired

Professionals in the speech pathology and audiology field are specially trained to handle people with communication disorders and provide health-related services and treatment.

Speech language pathologists and audiologists are concerned with the identification and prevention of hearing and communication disorders and rehabilitation of people affected by the malady.

Patients of all ages are examined by audiologists, who also detect the symptoms of sensory and neural problems. The job - which can be rather taxing - requires candidates to be emotionally fit. They should understand the patients' problems and provide them as well as their families with much-required support. It is necessary for the professionals to have patience, sympathy and good 'listening skills'. Speech language pathologists and audiologists are also required to have exceptional powers of observation and concentration.

Certified audiology professionals and speech language pathology experts may find employment in rehabilitation centres, hospitals, industries, nursing institutions, home health agencies, research laboratories, long-term care facilities, centres for persons with developmental disabilities, private practices, public and private schools, community clinics, college/university clinics, state or government agencies, health department, adult daycare facilities, etc.

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