Saturday, July 05, 2008

Good Riddance To The Deaf Starbucks Scourge

With many deaf people lamenting on the closure of 600 Starbucks cafes. Some blogs and vlogs carried out their messages.  Here is my 2 words, my 2 cents, to the lively discussion over Starbuck's impending demise.


Over the years at Starbucks Coffee center at the Block At Orange, the monthly Starbucks Coffee social events has gone from a healthy meeting place for deaf people to a beacon of scourge from the ASL extremists.

In the late 90's every month particularly on the 2nd Fridays, hundreds and even thousands of deaf people would converge to Starbucks at the Block at Orange.  At one point it even reached 5,000 people.

Over the years, it's evolved into a place where deaf people can easily start malicious rumors by handing out fliers, pick on those "not deaf enough" by ganging up on them, throwing firecrackers to terrorize deaf people in order to embarrass the host organizations.

Yes we played host to it via the "Wild Deaf Club" for about a year.  We're even responsible for making it past the 5,000 mark in attendance.

The craziness was not limited to outside the Starbucks coffee shops.

The Starbucks "Make Your Mark" program is dysfunctional.  After promising us 15 hands, they never sent anyone to help us with our fireworks stand in 2003.  They haven't sent people to help us with our education booth at Orange County Fair either.  They tell me of a 'revolving door' at the management levels while they explain their reasons why they didn't send people to us.

The deaf community has responded to the deaf Starbucks scourge by setting up smaller social events in Tustin, Chino, Riverside, and National City to draw people away from Starbucks at the Block at Orange.

So good riddence to Starbucks as it's evolved into a pillar of the deaf scourge.