Friday, July 11, 2008

Cruising Over The High Peaks Of Life

I will be taking a hiatus, a break, from blogging and video blogging until the end of August.

The Orange County Fair starts today and lasts for 3 weeks.  We'll be focusing on promoting our agency, the Hearing For Life Foundation, and positive communication options for hearing impaired people especially the babies.

The community response to our 2nd group home in the past week has been overwhelming.  Supermarkets donated hundreds of dollars, people donated new refrigerators, people donated sofas, paint, and carpeting.  Even a major pet store chain donated supplies for the service animals.

One can accomplish a lot more deaf advocacy not with blogs and video blogs, but with good old fashioned word-of-mouth over TTYs.

This will be my signoff message.

Marvin Miller, I have a better capability of starting a 'city' of hearing impaired residents than you do.  The first impressions the authorities are making of my group homes so far has been more than just positive.  I can replicate this on a large scale using existing apartment structures, and the HM Foundation will be helping me do it in the fall.  I don't have to do it from scratch and at least not in a tornado alley like you wanted to do in the first place.

See you all in September!


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  1. I know the Miller family who moved to here in Indiana... they are wonderful people.

    And have a wonderful time, R. :o)