Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Who Won In Milwaukee Last Weekend? AG Bell or the deaf coalition?

AG Bell won by having a smooth, seamless, rich, and wholesome conference that brought hope to the future generations of the deaf community. They did it without any static from the deaf coalition. This was capped by the newly elected president of the organization having a well televised interview on national TV .

The deaf coalition who were steadfast in their hatred toward AG Bell and toward people who are "not deaf enough" were successfully locked out of the venue. Brian Riley in his "Gearing Up" editorial at the deaf coalition website emphasized confrontation and shows everyone that the coalition is of, for, and by deaf bullies. Furthermore the conference by the deaf coalition was riddled with contradicting, conflicting, and confusing messages. It even caused a popular deaf blogger who goes by the name of 'Mishka Zena' to state "I would like to make a recommendation that the DBC leaders work together on making the goals of DBC more consistent to the public and the media" in her blog. The deaf coalition's hostility continues as they remain utterly unyielding at getting the AG Bell's name off one of NTID's dormitory buildings.

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