Monday, July 21, 2008

Island Of Sanity In a Deaf Sea Of Chaos

Yeah I hate to break my silence, in fact I've been video blogging our booth at the county fair for a while.

Whats been spinning around deafhood is noted.  The confusion, the white flags popping up from notable deafhood bloggers lends credence to the theory that the ASL minority prefers to chew down their leaders and messengers than develop constructive discussion of the issues they present.  With me being banned from deafread for a while, they cant point the finger at me any more.  Instead they point it at others and this started the domino effect.  Soon almost all deaf blogging leaders were under attack.

This has caused notable bloggers and video blogers, most notably the deafhoodists, to leave the deafread site.

You cant find inclusion at deafread, you cant find constructive dialogue and teamwork there either.  The deafread leadership clearly makes the definition the word dysfunctional.  Deafread represents a big crack on the surface of the ASL planet and its getting bigger and bigger every day.

Given all this, I'm happy to be vacationing on an island of sanity in the middle of a deaf sea of chaos.