Thursday, November 29, 2007

Morton Warnow's Face-To-Face Idea Taken Advantage Of By Deaf Capitalists

Take a look at the picture above.

That's the late Morton Warnow using the Q-90 TTY's as face-to-face communication equipment the moment the Ameriphone company started producing them.

The two Q-90's were readily interfaceable with each other using a single telephone line. They were readily available for use as face-to-face equipment. Morton Warnow beat Interpretype and Ubiduo for creating the face-to-face concept.

I challenge Interpretype and Ubiduo to start giving the late Morton Warnow his due credit for their face-to-face "inventions".


I'll introduce a new electronic face-to-face system that costs less than $8 each to show the community they're being suckered into $pending thou$and$ and thou$and$ for face-to-face equipment thats being offered by the deaf capitalists. This new device is incredibly easy to use unlike the dual IR system that we have been offering.

It's time for Interpretype and Ubiduo to start coming out clean for a change and start crediting the late Morton Warnow for the face-to-face communication equipment they're using to fleece the deaf community with.

I challenge these companies to give Morton his due credit!

Richard Roehm


  1. I challenge you to answer these questions:

    1) Prove this with a date of the photo.
    2) Prove that it was available for sale and the price at that time.
    3) Prove the technical details, such as how long the cord, etc.
    3) If this was available at that time, why wasn't it mass produced and widely advertised?

    And even if he was first and it was widely available, nothing stops American ingenuity with developing a better product. It was only inevitable the UbiDuo would be developed once wireless technology and software were perfected.

    Manager, WinfreePCS, Inc.
    Authorized UbiDuo Dealer

  2. Nothing was stopping Mr. Warnow from doing the same thing Interpretype or UbiDuo are doing. It's not enough to just have a good idea, it takes hard work and perseverance to bring it to fruition.

    Mr. Warnow used to send me mail about his "invention" all the time but I never saw him do anything to mass produce it or bring it to the market.

  3. Oh, also it's not correct to call Interpretype "deaf capitalists." They are not deaf.

  4. Judy,

    I really admire your incessant zeal to dissect our claims but it's a very unfortunate move you're making today as an authorized Ubiduo dealer. So let's get to the juicy details you wanted tom see sweetie!

    1) The photo was taken September 1996 over 11 years ago. Morton Invented the concept in 1975.

    2) They were mass produced in the mid 90's and even today they're still available at as little as $209 each. So 2 of them still less than 500 buckaroos.

    3) They were built with auto handshaking and the phone cords could be as short as 3 inches to as long as over 1000 feet long as they're available now.

    4) They were mass produced and widely advertised in major deaf newspapers like Silent News, Deaf Nation, Newswaves, and the websites. Ameriphone even made a full page ad making it look like the Q-90 was being used by space shuttle astronauts.These deaf papers no longer exists but you can see they're currently advertised everywhere on the web.

    and you can google it yourself to find more listings;

    The new $8 device is going to be a great stocking stuffer! I'm going to be picking them up this Sunday! I could call the new single handheld devices "UbiJudys" as they're being mass produced in China w/o any branding.

    If Dr. Robert Weitbrecht is getting a lot of credit for his inventions these days, Morton Warnow is due the same fanfare Weitbrecht is getting.

    Have a sweet holiday shopping season!


  5. OCDAC said...


    I'm glad to see you're still around the deaf communities. But you need to work hard on making yourself independent from the deaf communities.

    I serve them and I'm not dependent on them.