Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Scourging ASL Out Of Existence

Hearing folks can turn up their speakers as my voice is included in this great video blog . (As I will be using SimmComm)

This video blog is all about how the scourge, S C O U R G E, the sign of scourge, cast upon the hearing impaired pioneers, P I O N E E R S, the sign of pioneers, be they deaf oralists and hard of hearing, will cause interest in ASL to fade away.

This is a great book made a long time ago. There are a lot of stories of what the ASL centered deafies have done to our pioneers who have learned to be self interfaceable and are not deaf enough to be looked up to as leaders.

Even nowadays like in Carl's video blog yesterday represents the never ending zeal by the ASL centered to pick on the hearing impaired pioneers who have made themselves readily interfaceable to the hearing population without the use of ASL.

And it's not really limited to video blogs like Carls, Tar’s, Ridor's, and a handful of other blogs and video blogs out there, they can be other forms of harassment like false restraining orders, cyberbullying, malicious rumormongering, and vandalism. There’s stories written about these picking. They're right in this book! And not only are they in this book, I've seen it with my own eyes and experienced some of them myself.

The cries and howlings by these types hearing impaired pioneers can be easily heard by the hearing folks and they're likely to remember the scourge cast upon these pioneers of the hearing impaired community.
This will then feed disinterest in ASL and be another cause that causes ASL to fade away.

Sorry about the video anomaly.