Thursday, November 08, 2007

Update On Face-To-Face Devices

Recently there was an article in the Associated Press featuring the Interpretype and the UbiDuo among new communication devices used by the deaf.

These bulky devices costs thousands of dollars whereas pocket sized versions costs between $40.00 a pair to $70.00 each of the 'pinkberries'.

Theres even new ones looking like the pink oversized blackberry-like device and it’s completely 'wireless' not IR.

And guess what?

The new version of the iPhone will double as a face-to-face communication device.

Even our own C.A.R.T. system can double as a face-to-face communication device and these are FREE to educational institutions thanks to a nice grant from Uncle Sam last July!

Richard Roehm


  1. McConnell,

    Youre forgetting the new generation of deaf society are mostly kids these days and they have no problems with the toy versions of the expensive communication devices these days.

    The kids at the deaf baseball camp last August loved it.


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