Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Our Gifts To The Orange County Deaf Community

Hello! Busy year! Whoah! We have many many gifts to the Orange County Deaf community. Our gifts this year is many things! Whoah!

First, our gifts to the deaf community is we made business accessible to the deaf people. We contacted many businesses through our marketing and outreach programs.

Alright.... we'll start with the first one;

1) Ramada Hotels - We made the hotel accessible to the deaf people.

2) La Pizza Loco - We made them understand the difference between a tty call and a fax call.

3) City of Anaheim - We helped them serve the needs of the deaf people.

4) Olive Garden Restaurants - We made them accessible to the deaf people when they make calls for reservations seating reservations. Before they had problems now solved.

5) Buena Park Police Department - We trained them how to handle deaf people.

6) Golden West College - We consulted them on improving the communications between their staff and deaf students.

7) Eye Doctor - We provided them information on how to get interpreters.

8) Boys and Girls Club of Garden Grove - We've helped them to be more accessible to deaf people, deaf children.

9) Orange County Supervisors - We've helped the council of supervisors understand how to receive comments and messages from deaf people. We set it up for them.

10) EDD South Orange County - We've helped to make them access to deaf people.

11) Orange County Sheriff's Department - We corresponded with them on how to handle deaf people.

12) California Attorney General's Office -We've helped them to work with deaf people especially scams. Many many scams. We worked with them on how to handle deaf complaints regarding scams.

13) City of Fountain Valley - We educated the police on how to communicate with deaf people and to handle deaf people.

14) City of Santa Ana - Helped to put a TTY in the police station of the Santa Ana Police Department.

15) City of Costa Mesa - We've helped their Police Department handle deaf people as weve taught them how to handle deaf people.

16) Doubletree Hotel - In Orange next to the Block. They have many many phones and no TTYs. We put TTY's there.

17) Storage Orange - Small storage company in Orange. We made that business accessible deaf people.

18) City of Cypress - We educated the Police Dept there on how to handle deaf people "too". Big thumbs up!

19) Orange County Court - We consulted them on how to make jury duty accessible to deaf people.

20) Orange County Voter's Registrar - We're involved right now in helping Orange County Voters Registrar to be accessible to deaf people "too".

21) Sutton Hotel - Hotel near John Wayne Airport. They finally got TTY. Their lawyer informed me.

22) Orange County HUD Department - We got equipment to make them accessible "too".


23) Salvation Army - We helped them with communication issues with TTY's.

So! Many things we've accomplished for the deaf community in Orange County.




Some tips;

"we made" means we had to force them do it.

"too" means we were not the only deaf agency involved.


  1. Good job being the advocate as well as running the advocacy organization :o)

  2. These are nice gifts. Thank you for sharing them.

    ~ LaRonda