Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Time Warner Cable EAS Warning Petition Needs Your Attention

My name is Samantha Hill. I am a mother of a hearing impaired child.
I have started a petition on Change.Org asking Time Warner Cable to
stop interrupting real time closed captioning with a generic EAS

I need help getting the word out. The petition page and website has
detailed information. I have received local media attention, but
people who have signed my petition are from all over the country.

They have similar concerns and complaints in their areas as well. I have support from all of Louisville's 4 broadcasting networks (General Managers), Local meteorologist as well as meteorologist from around the US including Jim Cantore of The Weather Channel and Reed Timmer, Extreme Storm Chaser. . I can send you the signature and comment list.

Please help. Even if it is only a mention on a website,Facebook or
Twitter. Time Warner,( and other companies) will not change their
policy until every citizen voices concern.

Time saved = Lives Saved

In the past EAS broadcast were our first line of defense during severe weather. Advancements in technology and research have allowed
meteorologist to pin point down to a street level, where severe
weather is located. The EAS is a generic warning for a specific
county or town only. Local broadcasting stations are able to provide
detailed information, which is available in real time closed
captioning. Many times there is a delay from the NWS to the EAS going
on air. During the recent severe weather outbreak, the delay was from 2 to 3 minutes. During a tornado that 2-3 minutes could be the
difference between life and death. So why is there even a discussion
about this? For nearly 3 years Insight Communications has refused to
stop interrupting local broadcasting networks,sighting the financial
burden to their company. We need to stand together to tell Insight
that the cost of saving a life is priceless and they should be

Petition Link

Media Coverage
Local woman voices concern, starts petition over Emergency Alert
System | Louisville


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