Thursday, April 26, 2012

FCC Updates Standards on Mobile Phones and Hearing Aid Compatibility

There are many different wireless mobile phones available, and some of the wireless mobile phones work better with some hearing aids than others. The FCC has requirements for some, but not all, wireless phones to be hearing aid compatible.

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  1. Most hearing aids nowadays have bluetooth compatibility with hearing aids, meaning the sound of the mobile can get streamed directly into both hearing aids. The signal is typically sent to a small body worn intermediary device, and this device sends the signal to the hearing aids. The advantages of this are that you can hear the persons voice in both ears, and your specialist will be able to turn the level of the microphones down so you get more of the phone sound and less of the surrounding noise in the environment, which in turn allows the hearing aid wearer to hear on the phone much easier. All major hearing aid brands have this capability, so contact your specialist for more information.