Friday, April 27, 2012

DVTV Website Is Anything But Peace For Deaf People!

Here I go again making criticisms of a deaf owner social website. Yes this is a real War Against Indiscipline in the deaf community. Even as ironic as it is the website's owner has very strong and cuddly connections with the National Association of the Deaf (NAD). As sadly as it appears, the NAD organization backs up every move by Tayler and his www.deaf website that has a long and extensive history with a lot of evidence in youtube of being a bully website. Promotes bullying and as recently a new DVTV member who's screen name "DeafPeace" as her vlogs does nothing but attack other members in the website. This has others wondering about her screen name like you see in this video and another person decided to expose Tayler's hidden side with his video

I'm asking you to be the judges of what DVTV has become and also as judges of NAD's support of Tayler's actions by the way of his DVTV website.

A safer place to find drama-free deaf videos is at the Eye Fire Vlogs website where you will find daily video collections posted every day (hopefully).


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