Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Remembering Gentle Maya

"Gentle Maya" as her screen name says was gentle on everyone in the Undernet chatterbox room. Today marks the 17th anniversary of her passing.

Born without the use of her legs and ears and she had challenges to her arms and hands. Gentle Maya was a cheerful 16 year old who spend most of her life living as a family dog until she was rescued by social workers and placed in an upscale foster home in Arizona.

High hopes that after Gentle Maya rescue that shed prosper in life was shattered when it was discovered shed have stomach cancer in the terminal stages. A decade of living like the family dog, feeding of the floors, trash cans, and backyard has taken a toll on her life.

Gentle Maya lived for a year after her rescue talking about how delicious Welches grape juice was. Gentle Maya was the honorary boss of the Undernet chatterbox room. We all had our full respects to her. Her last months of life was rich and decent. She was always chatty to the end.

April 4, 1995 we were all chatty in the room and at about 7 pm when Gentle Maya went off into silence. About 20 minutes later her caretaker typed in to announce she had passed away.

In memory of her, I would like to organize a big event to mark the 20th anniversary of her passing.

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