Sunday, April 01, 2012

A Question About Schools for the Deaf Hiring Teachers and Staff Members With Incompetent Signing Skills

If a school for the deaf, where using signed language is predominant, hired a teacher or staff member with incompetent signing skills, what do they do? Do they give the person a year to work on improving their signing skills?

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  1. no in my opion that is paid absence yet the liability of duty comes with being educated
    already it is a wasted investment to have to wait
    for a educated teacher to be educated in asl
    its not reality based i think we need to hold teachers to high standards because if we dont
    then the incompetence continues and no one learns anything because teacher is
    developmentally delayed in education and no
    good for deaf if deaf have to have a teacher
    that is basics only it hurts the progress of class
    teacher is liable inmy opion to be prepared
    already i feel it is a responsibility to be accountable to deaf and should be a legal
    requirment to speak fluently if you are to teach
    at a deaf school i am oppossed to schools that
    make cocular implants talk only voice no asl is
    allowed in those schools in illinois asl if forbidden i feel asl is mandatory need for these
    toddlers kids i feel it is part of who they are
    hearing are trying to make them 100% hearing
    and not connect with there deaf culture and
    language i am ashamed of illinois since i am
    from illinois