Monday, January 02, 2012

One Less Deaf Bully

One of the nastiest deaf bullies of Orange County has passed away recently. His guilty conscience caused him drink himself to death over the holidays. He was half my age. I won't even mention his name. I'm not going to have people looking at his sunset.

I can say that karma finally got to his ass real hard. 2012 begins with one less deaf bully in Orange County, California.

Good riddance!


  1. believe me i understand ur feelings but how would
    u like to be remembered that way sins of the drink
    or not try and put urself in his shoes before u judge his life as a lesser value then urs

  2. what are u hearing with a attitude like that we all
    have made our mistakes in life seems someone doesnt know the meaning of forgivness let go of
    it or it will consume u this person bullied u how
    long in ur life some of grade mabey high school mabey bolth but the guy had problems
    no one really tellls everyone everything about themselves and all there problems what kind of
    home did he come from he should have has a better life that much i think he deserved i know
    wishing doesnt change life only doing does karma i dont think wanted him dead his body
    mind and spirit gave out because of all the problems he had in life so he drank to forget them to find some kind of comfort in it do u really think gloating about it is worth it