Sunday, January 15, 2012

Is Gallaudet University really our community?


Before the existence of Gallaudet University through Mr. Amos Kendall as the beginning owner, the District of Columbia was established and then governed by a so powerful clan of politician elites known as Washingtonians even though these Washingtonian politicians were from various states. They didnt see the Distinct of Columbia as a state but the luxury place of Freedom and Power that they have the advantage to get them in order to control the blessing society of the United States as the birth of the new global Roman empire in Democracy and as the well-hidden independence of political elites.

Undoubtedly, Mr. Amos Kendall known as the original founder Gallaudet University which has been located on the land of Washingtonians was discovered that he was also part of those elites group after he got his education in Journalist from Dartmouth.  Moreover, he was known as one of the wealthy group of Washingtonian men and he was easily able to hired Mr. Edward Miner Gallaudet all by himself in order to govern his original school formerly called Columbia Institution for the Instruction for Deaf and Dumb and Blind (CIIDDB) while there was something hidden of his heavy participation in Washington with his political affairs.

So that led us to question that Is Gallaudet University really our community? There are several conceptual and analytical reasons with or without evidences that the university is indeed both our community and not at all. After the mystical question was demonstrated here, it would lead you to make your own answer all by yourself to think that Is Gallaudet University really our community?

After we understand that Gallaudet University was basically owned by Mr. Amos Kendall and Washingtonians including the former US President Abraham Lincoln who signed to recognize CIIDDB as a formal College for “Handicaped People” viewed by himself and the rest of Washingtonians, Gallaudet University became the official propriety of the US Federal Government again known as the elite group of Washingtonians. That means Gallaudet University was financially and systematically controlled by the elite politicians group who hire the Board of Trustees and the administration of the University in order to govern the University by complying the rules of Washingtonians. For that reason, they who are the hired people care about the money of Washingtonians, but that depends on them who deserve the money to perform their great or poor duty for the university in order to appropriately prove Washingtonians that the university has been blessing or completely trashed by the dependence of the academic and functional system, academic and community environment and also most importantly recruited and graduated students who are the key that they make their protective bond of Gallaudet community as their second sweet home or nothing at all by looking the university as their garbage.
Actually, I looked at Gallaudet University as the very poor one despite of the invisibility of great resources for students to have an amazing foundation of life with their full of responsibility, duty and rights after their achievement of education. Because of that, more than 70% of the university graduates failed to obtain their real world experiences in a so competitive environment which might to make the university to rise in a good and well respected university. What I have seen the problems with that failure within the university is that the university has:

A) Too many disqualified professors with their very low quality of teaching and/or training that have been causing students to lose their motivation in academy and their love toward the university even though they, the professors, successfully got their advanced degree such as Ph.D., Ed.M., etc.

B) Too many (STD, HIV, alcoholic and non-disease) students with lousy attitude and very cheap freedom including the lack of responsibility, the lack of duty and incomprehensive rights. For example, they have their own worst pride to do whatever they want like providing heavy alcohol during parties or something else in order to put naive students in trashes annually for the intention of rapes, sexual and alcoholic abuses, fights, dramas, etc by stating that it has been the fun experiences of College life. But they dont even know what kind of fun experiences they talked about. In my clear perspective, that is the dangerous and destructive experiences because that put nave and experienced students to feel like they are trashed after their college life because destruction is already in their blood and will remain with them for the rest of their life, and most of them failed to have a commitment and blessing family that produce beautiful children. Some of you as a parent, I am sure you understand well what I am talk, but why dont some of you seriously ponder college students as your children and that doesnt matter if they have freedom in their college. Remember, everyone including myself has the limit of freedom because all of us already have our well-secured responsibility and duty by considering others the same. That is basically emanating from the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Being.

Its higher level administrators havent really pay attention to students failure of their academic performance and environment security, and also, they havent really cared about professors and staffs poor attitudes toward students seeking for the well intentional foundation of the students academic and college-life achievement in order to prepare for their readiness to face their blessing abundance of problems with hard or/and simple thinking solutions that they have learned maybe in college. Then, they, the students, will keep to find their own knowledge to eliminate the problems with the blessing given of well-structured foundation of education from the university.

Too many students that highly think of themselves instead of others and ironically take themselves as the leader of the Gallaudet community. Then, how can we agree to disagree with a good discussion in so many different and beneficial things and how can we collaborate together with them for building the university into a blessing community with the full of charity, security, deaf culture, friendship, wealth, networking and global.

They are many more issues I can demonstrated here what I know and what I have seen during my college at Gallaudet, but I am not surprised that most of you have already been aware of those issues and I am sure there are too many issues you know more than I do. However, the university is not really understood why it has been in the process toward the declination of the quality of DEAF education since the 1880 conference of Milan despite of a very few succession of Gallaudet alumna and non-alumna.

By stopping here, I feel that Gallaudet University is not really our community due to many serious problems within the university that may destroy our future, but that might positively belong to others. However, that is part of my tourney experience during my education and work at Gallaudet University which is truly an amazing place to go and analyze despite of a very poor level of education systems. However, Gallaudet University has been a place that is very difficult to be trusted due to the abundance of wolves around there. But to others, I dont know and that depends on their college life at or their feeling toward Gallaudet. So, they have their own thinking to answer the ambitious/complex/simple question for themselves: Is Gallaudet University really our community?


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