Sunday, January 01, 2012

#CITalk on Twitter this Sunday, January 8th!

Cochlear Implant Online is taking a leap and being ahead of the technological curve by being the first to start a weekly chat on Twitter for the hearing loss community.

WHAT: Cochlear Implant Talk (#CITalk) – Twitter chat with a new topic each week

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  1. it is my opion that cocular implants are unnatural
    they are still battery powered they are a embaresment and the general rule is if u have one ur hearing now and ur no longer deaf or acceptable by deaf society rule hearing society
    places such a high standard on there addicton to
    sound which leads to drugs and crime u may not
    like my opion i can respect that but hearing are
    addictted in my opion to sound and try to push it
    off on deaf society trying to convience us it is the
    right thing for all deaf and its not at least i speak for myself its not right there are those of us who want our chiildren to know there deafness and not be forced to be hearing i know i dont want my
    children having cocular implants i want my children to know there deafness there culture
    deaf heritage its not up to hearing society to givern our deafness our culture our families our way of life otherwise there is no freedom to exist
    that is slavery if someone forces u to live for there values there ideals there philosophy there religious beliefs if that is what governs a indaviduals life in society and u r forced to accept
    what hearing want then deaf society is being minipulated by hearing to violate cohersion and retaliation against deaf society violating ada title3 nbr3.11000 look it up if u dont believe me
    hearing try to use deaf psychology to prey on u
    to develope u into there indavidual how do i know this life exsperience as a deaf man