Monday, January 16, 2012

Argh. Seriously, Nolan?

The other day, Nolan had a temper tantrum. When Nolan has a tantrum these days, he usually removes his glasses and hearing aids, throwing them across the room. This is actually an improvement from the days when he would remove his glasses, hearing aids, shoes and socks for a fit.

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  1. i cant really commenet except from my own
    exsperience when i was a kid i flused my hearing aid down the toilet like alot of deaf kids pissed off
    my parents but i think the kid is embaresed by the
    dorky look of the two together its common to feel
    uncool unacceptted i hated mine i know that and
    when ur mother wants u to have a band on ur glasses so u dont lose them it makes u feel even dorkier the frames matter so do the hearing aid and color hearing aids can come in all different colors now same witth molds the self esteem starts with how u feel about the image u present
    its like the cloathes u wear