Sunday, April 06, 2008

The Sad Existence Of Domestic Violence Abuses

Yes it has to happen, plenty of evidence of gross violations of the civil liberties of men and women in the name of controlling domestic violence. I do have a problem with a court system that plays into a bitter woman's hands and allows her to continue to use restraining orders as weapons. Much of the restraining orders issued are sought by women. The domestic violence law represents all that is wrong with a prejudiced court system.

The Equal Justice Foundation aims to level the playing field in the domestic violence prevention.

Domestic violence videos are even showing up on video sharing websites like what you'll see below.

The next 4 videos made by one of my neighbors who had been stalked by a woman from Afghanistan.The shaky videos are because of his cerebral palsy condition.

Yes domestic violence exists and theres laws to prevent that however theres evidence of it being abused to settle intimate grudges as well.

We have a brochure that explains out domestic violence in greater detail.

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