Sunday, April 27, 2008

Deaf Bilingual Coalition Plans To Upstage AG Bell's Conference

See the hypocrisy in Deafread's categorization of this blog entry in the image below.

One hour since posting, 40 hits and 4 votes. This shouldn't have ended up in Extra in the first place.


The sun has set, and we got 76 visits and 13 votes and it is still in Deafread Extra. I provided valuable captioning service, I made the announcement accessible to the hearing people. And Deafread editors thanks me by keeping this blog in listed one of their gutter lines.


  1. Thanks for subtitling

    But you made one mistake,

    It is June 27th to 30th,

    Not July 27th to 30th

  2. I find it interesting the deafread put this in the Extra section. I guess they have a double standard on what gets in the front page.

  3. I fixed the typo.

    Deafread is now only the tip of the deaf blog iceberg, I wouldn't worry about their categorization. This goes to show everyone the hypocrisy of the folks that run that site.

    The deaf hypocrisy you've just seen will eat the deaf community a lot faster than what they think AG Bell is doing to the deaf community.


  4. What's really your whine- oops problem?

  5. Wasn't anyone distracted when Ella signed? Seems like she forgot her bra that day.