Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Are the "DBC Core Members" the new deaf gods or deaf culture apostles?

I had an interesting conversation late last night with someone who related herself as a 'deaf culture soldier'. I was chastised plenty for putting DBC (Deaf Bilingual Coalition) down in my latest vlog. She went on to state that our agency is not supported by the DBC core members and we shouldn't be doing our ASL meetups because it's not authorized by the DBC core members.

This really rattled the end of my long day yesterday.

So is it going to be 'DBC Core Members begets this' and 'DBC Core Members begets that'? Are we really going to be giving them this kind of power? I think not. To give them this kind of power would create a dangerous level of extremism in the deaf community. Were not going to be giving the DBC core members the doctrinal leadership status either.

The Midwest Airlines Center management could erect barriers to prevent any interactivity much less a confrontation between AG Bell and DBC in response to DBC's militancy. The police may deny permit, the walkway between Hyatt and MAC could be closed.

What's next? The divisive 'disenrollments' from the deaf community or from deafhood? Is deafhood turning the deaf community into FLDS like heretics?

It's really up to the deaf community to decide who to follow but to be giving the DBC core members too much power like this would be extremely dangerous.