Thursday, August 23, 2007

Response to Carl Schroeder's Yesterday's Post on ASL

This is in response to our wonderful vlogger Carl Schroeder blog post yesterday on saving ASL (American Sign Language) by writing about it and funding for it.

It’s great you'd think you can try saving ASL by writing about it and get funding to support it.

Remember you're going to have to write beyond the following facts we've seen associated with ASL in the recent years.

1) ASL has been used as a measuring stick to determine a deaf person's deafworthiness and we saw a lot of that last year at Gallaudet University.

2) ASL has been used as a weapon against the hearing society through numerous lawsuits and against the oral deaf people through use of harassment, belittlement, and scourge and thats evidenced by numerous books, blogs and, vlogs.

3) Now ASL is being used as a discriminatory barrier to get into Gallaudet University as it blocks out those who do not use ASL from admission.

4) ASL has been used to terrorize and hijack university operations and we seen a lot of that at Gallaudet University.

Now with ASL widely used in abominable methods than as an effective communication method, Carl, I challenge you to write beyond that if you wish to see ASL preserved and funded.



  1. You are wrong about the ASL requirement at Gallaudet. You do not have to be fluent to be admitted. Everyone will have their ASL skills evaluated after they are admitted, and will be placed into an appropriate ASL class to improve their skills.

  2. Can you just prove it to us???? I dont see any researchable evidence about your claims...

  3. Its real nice to see someone trying hard to scare people away from this post by stating there's a virus or spyware on it.

    You can see this 'warning' on this post;

    What I posted is the truth and too bad if the truth hurts.

    If you really want to beautify ASL for a change, you're going to have to stop using it in the 4 methods I've described on the post.


  4. Jesus, Richard. Your evidences do not prove anything. Gallaudet accepts any students from non-signers to fluent ASL users. Your message is trying to poison the minds of other people.

    And.. Haha, I'm using my Blackberry to view your haunted website since you're not gonna be able to steal my passwords.