Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Regarding California Association of the Deaf (CAD) Leadership

This is a short note in response to an email I received yesterday regarding Richard Ray's leadership.

I want to make a short note responding to an email I received yesterday asking for comments on Richard Ray's leadership as California Association of the Deaf's president.

I want to say his leadership is wonderful and there has never been a CAD leader as inclusive (as Ray) before so I'm satisfied with Richard Ray's leadership of CAD.

What I'm seeing going on with the deaf community, we're transitioning from the old deaf to the new deaf community. CAD is like a bridge. And the CAD leaders are like bridge pilings. The first piling is Don Rosenkjar, then and now its Richard Ray the current president and we need one more person to complete the transition from the old deaf to the new deaf. That third person will be the next piling under the bridge. We need to vote on next person to be the third piling under the bridge to lead us and continue the transition.


P.S. If you expected me to attack someone in this message, I'm sorry I didn't meet your expectation.