Friday, August 17, 2007

Enough With The Social Justice Ranting. Time to Move On

Frankly I sit home in my finally completely redecorated bedroom very tiresome to see 'social justice' being ranted over and over in the email lists and deafie blogs like a Carpathian tombstone spiriting a ghost out every 5 minutes or so.

The whole thing is really about evolution not social justice. As the world advances, everything in it advances as well. That includes methods of communication used by deaf people are advancing as well.

We don't use the telegraph any more, thats because we advanced ourselves up to using the telephones and cellphones. Thats because the technology is there and theres no resistance.

Now with the advancement of mitigation of hearing loss has gone to the point it is going to be rendering manual communications obsolete in the near future, why cant we just let it roll on and let ourselves advance with the rest of the civilization.

What I'm seeing is......a lot of resistance, a lot of whining, a lot of bickering, a lot of energies going to preserving something that could be useless in like 3 years from now. And theres the scourge cast upon people who stand behind these advancements by people who are resistant to the evolution.

The resistance is are the ones who are keeping us as second class citizens. They do that by sending out confusing signals to the hearing society. They did that by booting Fernandes out only to end up another president with same kind of spots on him. And they did that again at the AG bell workshop conference recently, not to mention the the way the Deaf Bilingual Coalition is going, and they'll do it again and again in the near future.

The price of all this childishness are being paid very dearly by people who are already trying to advance toward first class citizenship.

You're all pulling them all down back to the bottom of the bucket.

Come on, lets all grow up and let us our communities advance toward first class citizenship by stop resisting the evolution of deaf society.