Friday, December 30, 2011

AFA's 5 Demands of EHDI

Audism Free America Rally at EHDI in St. Louis, MO
March 5-6 2012
Five Demands
1. Equitable funding .

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Happy New Year 2012! Selina Wing

A year of 2011 will be over soon. We also welcome the year of 2012, to say a Happy New Year 2012 with a new spirit, the new breakthrough for everything to be better! I also want to tell you how thankful I am for your love, support & kindness.

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Just Like You: A New Book Promoting Acceptance, Not Bullying

Just Like You is a book by Robert Kroupa, exploring the issues of bullying and accepting people for who they are. The book follows Henry, a field mouse who is deaf, and Boris, a spider who has a bad leg. Together they learn to stick together through thick and thin.

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Eyes update

Well, a little tardy in updating my last post.

The eye thing was ok. Not very pleasant but tolerable. The blurb said that it wouldn’t hurt, that some patients felt a burning sensation.

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Typical Morning I Think

Pyro and Jacob this morning were unusually difficult. I really think being gone for a week and a half doesn't help their routine and Pyro has been extra wild lately (as in the past 2 days) and it has been getting on my nerves.

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Sometimes the things we can't change, end up changing us

2011 has come to an end. 2012 is about to begin. I am having an emotional breakdown. No idea why, but the tears just will not stop streaming. I have the sensation that I have just completed an enormous project and that what is staring me in the face is five times bigger.

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Forum removed from this blog

I have gone with the majority that took part in the poll, who voted 'no' for the forum. Thank you to those who took the time to participate in this poll, which has been closed earlier than originally planned.

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Is being Deaf a disability?

Is being Deaf a disability? Deaf people are making progress. Many states recognize ASL as a world language so that students can take for credit in HS and College. However, we still have a long way to go. We are still considered to be inferior so much work needs to be done in order to gain equality.

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We Have Launched A New Website –!

Yes, we are taking a big step to support the Deaf and Hard of Hearing community! Meet Deaf CEOs website,

We love Convo’s “Meet the Deaf CEOs” on Facebook. We think it is truly genuine!

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Notes from a Helicopter Dad

My son is three. Keep this in mind.

So I walk into his pre-school classroom last week, right? This room has two teachers: Mr. Rogers* and his assistant—let’s call her Vladmilla.

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Love Thy Neighbor…Her Sister, Too???

In the early stages of going deaf, I found it difficult to explain to folks, I’m sorry. I can’t hear your ass., for lack of better words. Enter my neighbor’s sis, who by the way I’ve known for four years and still don’t know her name (I’ve gotta come up with a name for her).

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CCAC & Lipreadingmom Launch Internet Video Captioning Campaign

Happy to share this today – best way to do this is to let Shanna (aka lipreadingmom) tell you about it! :-) – from her blog, – please go to

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Nik-- ADHD/ FASD time to talk

Going to be honest here so watch out. Up till now, we have concentrated solely on Nik’s deafness and how to help him with that. How can he reach his fullest potential by the resources we give him?

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New Years Thoughts

I had intended on doing these questions every year. I think last year was a bit of a booger, so that’s why it slipped by without me ever doing it. So, today, you will get 2 years in one post.

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I Felt Independent Today!

I made a trip to a nearby town to take care of some personal businesses (banking, shopping, etc). We get up to 4 personal businesses days a month. The first two days don’t have to be approved but the last two days have to be approved by the Peace Corps

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Firefighter uses sign language on the job – thanks to Signing Time!

I just wanted to share a quick story. My husband is a firefighter/EMT and went on a call last night to a house with hearing impaired patients. He was able to communicate with them, asking them “where does it hurt” and spelling out simple words all from watching Baby Signing Time with our daughter.

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My Top 10 resolutions for 2012

(1) To continue opposing VRS campaigns in the UK until someone actually proves there is a market for it, and deaf can actually see the point of paying through the nose for 7.5 minutes communication a week, and assuming you know deaf who have the equipment, can actually receive a call from them, and the UK government funds ALL the running costs,and can find enough regional interpreters to make it remotely viable.

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The last Friday and weekend of 2011/2012

G'day Everyone and Happy New Year!

It's the last Friday of the year and the weekend of 2011/2012.

But how much do we feel of 2011 so far?

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VRS Took Sign Language Interpreter Away From Deaf In Court Last Wednesday!

Happened last Wednesday. VRS industry needs to ease their grip on sign language interpreters so deaf people can have their access rights in court. Shame! Shame!

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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Play It Down: A Free App for Teens To Educate About Hearing Loss

When it comes to teenagers, it often seems like the more dire the warnings against something, the more likely they are to embrace it. Loud music is no exception.

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Autism Research Institute Features Network for Individuals with Hearing and Visual Impairments

The Network for Individuals with Hearing and Visual Impairments The mission statement: To maintain a framework supporting communication, education, research & advocacy for persons with autism and hearing and/or visual impairments.

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The composer who grew up among the deaf

Helmut Oehring was born to parents who were profoundly deaf. He has written a book about finding his sound language through sign language.

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Interesting new information about Bonheyo case

I obtained more information about the Bonheyo case from public court records, including the arrest warrants and financial affidavits, which I’ve put up at end of this post. The numbers in the financial affidavits doesn’t seem to add up or make much sense.

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Deaf and Barefooting Worlds Collide

Four years ago, Jodi Cutler and I connected in the blogosphere as parents of deaf/hard of hearing kids and bloggers.  Her blog,  An American Mom in Tuscany: Jordan’s Cochlear Implant Story chronicles her life in Italy with her son, Jordan. 

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Update on Elijah’s Right Ear!

Well, Elijah is still complaining that his right ear is bugging him. I made an appointment for January 9th with his audiologist. She suggested I change out controllers so I put his right controller on his left ear and his left on his right ear.

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Follow Your Dreams

I’ve always dreamed about having a book published, sharing my story with the world.  It started to happen this year when I was featured on the cover of Hearing Loss Magazine’s November/December issue.

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Fraudulent deaf video relay providers Viable, Bonheyo & Bonheyo — a quick look back when the story first broke

With the Viable executives headed to jail and the Bonheyo & Bonheyo executives now indicted, I reviewed a number of  deaf issues/news websites to get a gist of what was happening when the VRS  (video relay service) scandal broke.  Some of the anonymous sites were pretty nasty towards Viable executives John Yeh and Anthony Mowl — mostly containing mostly hearsay that I cannot confirm (I shall not link to them).

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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Interpreter Workshop: Peer-to-Peer Collaboration – DFW

Interpreter Workshop: Peer-to-Peer Collaboration – DFW Saturday February 4, 2012 Presented by, Mike McMillion Talk About Your Work: A Peer-to-Peer Collaboration .6 CEUs Requested “How was that?” Interpreters often ask themselves this question during and after an assignment.

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NTID’s Digital Arts and Writing Contests

NTID's Digital Arts and Writing Contests National Writing and Arts Competitions Announced For Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Students (Dec. 16, 2011) – Deaf and hard-of-hearing high school students are encouraged to enter two creative competitions for cash prizes offered by Rochester Institute of Technology.

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Hard of Hearing Fitness at Body By Bobbie

This video is in American Sign Language for our Deaf and hard of hearing viewers. We openly welcome the disabled community as we offer many special needs programs for adults and children.

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Happy Holidays from the NAD

Happy holidays from all of us at the National Association of the Deaf! Through our hard work in 2011, we accomplished a great deal! As we approach 2012, we count on your donations to continue working to fulfill our mission of preserving, protecting and promoting the civil, human and linguistic rights of deaf and hard of hearing people.

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On the Third Day of Dining…

“On the Third Day of Christmas my true love gave to me three French hens…”

First of all, I would like to dedicate this day to my cousin Liz. In her office Liz has a special calendar titled “Chickens of the Month.”

Deaf Sees Jingle Bells

A deaf person strongly uses his or her eyes to see what they hear with their hearing aids.

"Deaf Sees Jingle Bells"

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Would you like a forum here on Liz's Deaf blog or not?

A poll was opened and created in a post on 21st December 2011, to see if you would like forum to stay or not, here on Liz's Deaf Blog.

This poll was due to close on 1st July 2012 originally.

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How are you seeing 2012?

How are you seeing in 2012?

A fresh start?

A day like any other?

Or new challenges?

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Don’t Blame Yourself: How We Flew Under the Radar for 15 Months

If you’re the parent of a deaf child, especially one that manages to avoid early detection from newborn hearing screenings, you might find yourself with a lot of guilt. Though my son did fail his newborn hearing screening, he later somehow passed an otoacoustic emission test (OAE) and was declared hearing until 15 months old, despite my intuition otherwise.

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New Interview with me for Fempire Fandom

Fempire Fandom is a website devoted to the Fempire, a group of female screenwriters, including Diablo Cody. They asked for an interview. We talked about my dream of making my next film in Africa and being a deaf filmmaker, and who are some of my favourite filmmakers and screenwriters.

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ZVRS vs SVRS (Sorenson)

Win back FCC, ZVRS vs SVRS (Sorenson) Part 1 and 2 Video in ASL. Brought to you by "insanemisha" a video blogger noted for her colorful tirades. Plenty of tidbits from this videoblogger over various things that have erupted out of the ZVRS vs SVRS fracas. Least she did good to add plenty to the fire. Worth your time to watch.

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New Sounds during Christmas

This was my first Christmas with my Cochlear Implant. What an amazing Experience! Christmas Eve there was about forty people here. Lots of kids screaming and opening up gifts, Christmas music, family members having conversations.

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Bye to 2011 and Hello to 2012!

Whoo! I was looking back the whole year of 2011. I am realizing that I did a lot in a short time. I have missed a few opportunities and I am trying to bring them to front burner, but it takes time. Just in few days, 2011 will be disappearing into the mists of time.

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Switched at Birth Returns January 3

During my holiday break, I’m watching the previously aired episodes of Switched at Birth in preparation for their winter premier. Did you know they are now available on Netflix? Beginning January 3 the series begins anew on ABC Family channel. It will air Tuesday nights at 8:00 p.m.

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Managing Difficult Family Situations

This video is in American Sign Language for our Deaf and hard of hearing viewers. There is a spoken version on our channel as well. ** Families can be challenging at times. There may be stress, frustration, lack of communication when getting together for special occasions. This video discusses some ways to cope and remain calm and healthy.

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Denis Lee Lai, Deaf Malaysian who love baking

When bakery franchisee Gary Iverson interviewed Denis Lee Lai for a Bakers Delight apprenticeship, he soon discovered the 38-year-old Malaysian had the necessary skills and determination he was looking for. The fact Lai is deaf was never a barrier.

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Happy holidays!

It's been mad busy this past year and finally things are starting to calm down a tad. A TAD. Hardly anything at all, but I am trying to finish writing letters, rip DVDs so I can watch them on my tablet when I travel (with captions!) and work out hard enough that I can barely push myself off the floor when I'm done. Heh.

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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

What is federal prison like for a Deaf inmate?

For a moment, please put aside your feelings about VRS fraud defendants who will be going to federal prison. This is more about what federal prison is like and how Deaf inmates are even more abused or not accommodated for even basic ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) accommodations despite it being required by law.

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Rest In Peace Aliahna Lemmon

Now you watch from wherever you are, the wheels of justice.

Cowboys Stadium closed captioner article

Cowboys Stadium closed captioner both an employee and fan Brad Loper/Staff Photographer Closed captioner Lisa Davis reviews a script several hours before the Dallas Cowboys prepare to face the New York Giants.

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Court Reporters are Captioning Friends

Do you all know that Court Reporters are important for captioning concerns and advocacy too? Why? Because many choose to get additional training and certification for “realtime” and for captioning and CART services, sorely needed in so many places.

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Sorenson Gives iPad2s Away!

This blog entry is to generate important discussion about the appropriateness of one company, Sorenson Communications to “win-back” their former customers by providing attractive equipment(s) as long they continue to use their video relay services and nTouch products.

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Nine Year old Deaf Girl Dismembered in Indiana…Audism?

See this news release:


My comment:

I wondered why Plumadore did not kill Aliahna’s two other sisters?

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The D Coil is here!

We are so thrilled to have Med-El's latest technology in our hands. The D coil is a more power efficient coil system that increases battery life by 30% for rechargables and 50% for disposibles. (Disposibles used to last 3-4 days and now they last 5-7.)

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The FINAL week of 2011

Merry Holidays to many people out there. With Christmas being yesterday and today being Boxing day in Canada and England, it's a Merry Monday for most of us.

But alas it's the final week of 2011. The count down to the NYE has begun and the week is sure to be busy. Hopefully, nothing short of any Breaking News out there.

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On the Second Day of Dining…

“On the Second Day of Christmas, my true love gave to me two turtle doves…”

I’ve always wondered why they called them turtle doves. Are they amphibian? Do they have webbed feet like ducks, or perhaps carry a shell around on their backs?

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Asthma Annie

It has been a sad week in our home. William’s little dog, Asthma Annie, was killed on Thursday, December 22, after running onto the highway. Many tears have been shed for her, as she was a much-loved friend and constant companion.

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Coming out of hiding...

Well, it's been a while. I don't really count my last post as a real post since I gave absolutely no updates about what's been going on with me, so it has really been about four months since I've last posted. Hard to believe, isn't it?

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Deaf-Blind student told no to accessible education..

A YOUNG deaf and blind student has been left devastated after being told the £30,000 funding for her specialist college course is to be cut.

Caroline Potter, of Wolstanton, is currently in the second year of a three-year access course at Exeter Royal Academy for Deaf Education.

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I Love Reading

Photo from sleepyneko @ flickr I wonder if the reason why I love to read and started reading voraciously at a young age is because it does not involve listening. Being hard of hearing, listening can be hard work and tiring for me. With a book, I see everything that is being said and I don't have to ask the book to repeat itself or rephrase itself.

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Monday, December 26, 2011

VRS Fraud rife in USA ?

What safeguards are in place for the UK ? Allegations of backhanders have already been mooted with 'donations' to VRS BSL campaigns in the UK from American hardware providers...... Why WERE American reps of Sorensons at UK VRS meetings ?

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MUSIC – with captioning for all to enjoy!

CCAC Membership had some beautiful collaborations around the holidays, along with good discussion (but of course!:-) about captioning online music. The collaboration involved a ccac “consumer” member requesting help to caption two holiday videos of a song – two ccac “provider” members replied on the same day, and it was done!

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[UPDATED] Bridget Bonheyo and husband indicted in another VRS (video relay service for deaf people) federal fraud case

Just two weeks ago a federal judge sentenced John Yeh, the CEO of a video relay company to 9 years in jail and must repay $20 million dollars for defrauding the federal government. Now there’s a report of executives of another company being indicted on similar charges — forcing (or willingly allowing) employees to run up bogus charges in order to defraud the federal government.

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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Eve and Mimo’s Birthday

Today we went down to Waxhaw to have Christmas and birthday celebrations with Mimo, Ed, Jamie, Corbyn, Molly, Anna, and Brian.  Today, the 24th, is Mimo’s 37th birthday!! 

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Tell me about your job
I’ve always loved the arts, be it theatre, comedy, painting, reading, writing, or music and sign singing. My true passion is writing and painting, except my career trajectory took me into administration and hospitality, with detours to travel, living and studying overseas.

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Richard Branson Helps Deliver Hearing Aids to Africa

When you’re a wealthy man who owns an airline, there are all sorts of good deeds you can do. Richard Branson, a man known for his many good deeds, teamed up with the Starkey Hearing Foundation to bring hearing aids to hearing impaired children and adults in Bushridge, Mpumalanga, South Africa.

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Today in Adorable Women Teaching Us Filthy Things to Say with Our Hands

Dirty Signs with Kristin! (Audio NSFW for all, video NSFW if your employer is fluent in sign language.)

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Visit to the Audiologist last week!

So I took Elijah in to see his audiologist last week, because his right ear processor has been bugging him. I had called Cochlear and they suggested putting it through the dry and store and also changing the mic covers. Did both of those and then changed out his coil. It was still bugging him so Cochlear sent a new refurbished processor and I made an appointment with the audiologist.

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Govt shutdown of texting dangerous to deaf in Congo

The government of the Democratic Republic of Congo (not to be confused with the Republic of Congo) shut down text messaging with a profound impact on 1.4 million deaf people living there in avoiding the war zones. Scary.

OCDAC's Favorite Cochlear Implant Blog Sites

These are first of the three series of favorite blog sites. Tonight is the cochlear implant blogs list.

Five String Guitar

I Heard That

Miss Bionic



Silent Moments My Story

Surround Sound

The CI Circle News Blog

Chronicles of a Bionic Woman

Cochlear Implant Online

Katie-Louise's Cochlear Implant Blog

Dance With Sound

Living La Vida Aplo

Michael Chorost

Sound of Cochlear Implant

Like Pigs

We decided to live like pigs today. What better way to spend an Alabama Christmas afternoon than muddin'. Some people question if the kids can wear helmets with their cochlear implants.....yes they do!

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Real or Fake?

I am walking to class with my students on Friday morning when this conversation takes place...

Child: Is Medusa real?

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TANI Sanzan: Deaf scholar in late Edo period

There are two well-known Deaf scholars, TANI Sanzan and UTSUNOMIYA Mokurin, both who influenced Yoshida Shoin on the nature of Nation, in the late Edo period.

TANI Sanzan (1802-1868) was a Confucian scholar who  educated many students in the later half of the Edo era.

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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Sorenson Representative Hollers At Deaf Consumer

Here is a lady complaining about a representative of Sorenson VRS hollering ar her for using one of the signs of Sorenson VRS. The sign they don't like these days is actually one of the earlier signs that the company used.

Shame on Sorenson!

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Cigo's Homemade Hot Damn Picante

Are you in prison & craving some hot sauce? Well Dad will teach you how to make some in your cell. Since fresh ingredients aren't readily available, he "pays" an inmate working the chow line for an onion and other veggies with stamps and other currency in the form of commissary items. Bonus: This recipe ferments a bit so you get a little buzz with the bite.

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Embrace It By David Cluff

Last week held some interesting experiences. I had to trynew things and I was not sure I would like them. But I learned that I will haveto embrace it and try the best I can. On Monday, December12, 2011, I had to be an actor for a special training film that a team at ahospital has been working on.

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A Hero Who Works Against All Obstacles

I wrote an essay for my high school’s Martin Luther King essay contest. We had to choose a hero who resembles Martin Luther King. I chose Graeme Clark. For a long time the world was silent for people who were profoundly deaf and couldn’t benefit from hearing aids.

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Elijah’s Skin Its Arrived!

We got Elijah’s new processor in the mail today and his Skin Its! He was very excited. He has Superman on his right ear! He has Batman on his left ear! He is very excited to have them and I am glad we were home so I could sign for the new processor!

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Bridal Showers!

Can you believe it? Just less than a month away til I say I do! I had a huge bridal shower that was given by my family – Katie and Debbie. It was supposed to be Matt’s graduation party. Me and my fiancée dressed up in the Raven’s gear since they were playing that day!

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Coordinated Mythology

The Fall of Icarus The brilliant Joseph Campbell taught Comparative Mythology at Sarah Lawrence College for nearly 40 years. I have created my own kiddie version of this which plays out more like coordinated mythology.

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Friday, December 23, 2011


I measure success in incrementally small steps these days. Before activation a lot of other borgs warned not to have high expectations at first. I’m so glad they did.

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A Positive Family

This comic was done much later than the next few strips but I felt that it gives the best start. Hope you enjoy reading! [ Show transcripts Hide transcripts ] Transcript: English A Positive Family We are trilingual: American Sign Language, English, and the language of Love Momma, Daddy, Ethan, Massieu, and Rochy

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IRS TIPS: For Deaf Users of Relay Services (ASL, Captions & Audio)

IRS TIPS: For Deaf Users of Relay Services (ASL, Captions & Audio) There are different ways of communication that you can use to contact the IRS with questions or for assistance anytime, including through videophone, captioned telephone, text, or TTY to the Federal Relay Service or any relay service provider.

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Stephen Aldersley Named NTID Associate VP for Academic Affairs

Stephen Aldersley, an educator and administrator at RIT/NTID for 32 years, has been named NTID associate vice president for academic affairs, responsible for all academic programs and services at NTID and the academic support services provided to deaf and hard-of-hearing students in the other eight colleges of RIT.

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SPEECH is Not a Language, It is Just a Skill

Yes, true that I was trained to have good skills with speech but I was actually trained to speak good speech…just for the hearing society, not the other way around. And in fact that majority of the Deaf that were trained to learn how to use speech actually do not have normal speech.

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Every year around this time, I begin to worry. I worry that we won’t have the money or capabilities to afford gifts for our children. I worry about that a lot. My husband tells me over and over that gifts are not what Christmas is about. He’s right.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Structure and Practices of the Video Relay Service Program

An important read. Lots of ugly observations and proposals by FCC on VRS industry. It shows public perception of an industry running amok and proposes rules to corral it.

See it at

Richard Roehm

Video Explains You Have Rights To Choose Which VRS Provider

Purple’s Vice President of Sales, Mark Bella, explains about other VRS providers removing other VRS companies’ software from your computer, or changing your router settings. Mark says it’s your right to make the decision about your VRS – not them.

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Deaf Coffee

I was at the coffeeshop today and had a long conversation with someone, and I didn’t hear everything. But in the process of interacting, I was nonetheless feeling the vibe of the dialogue. The important thing when humans communicate is that the parties involved are sharing energy and vibrations.

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The most pointless conversation I’ve ever had

Bumped into someone yesterday and had a brief chat. Well, they had a brief chat, I had nothing; it was without a doubt the dumbest conversation I’ve ever had, I feel like an idiot.

They opened the conversation with a couple of sentences, I couldn’t understand a word of it.

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Happy Holidays!

Let’s see a parade (part I)

2 weekends ago we went to a local parade. Now, some in the past have gone to the parade b/c well, it’s just funny at times and we’ll leave it at that. They have stopped the boy scouts from hurling candy to the crowds.

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Will Sign Language Interpreters Remain Silent on FCC VRS Reform?

In some circles, VRS providers are viewed as the newest of the Coyotes on the scene of the sign language interpreting industry. Whether you subscribe to that view or not, what the FCC is ‘seeking public comment’ on (i.e. prepared to do unless there is significant feedback in opposition) will have an impact on you as an interpreter—regardless if your position is “I don’t do VRS.”

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Discriminated again!!

G'day Everyone.You'd think the hearing world would formally recognize the Americans with Disabilities Act. That's known as the ADA laws.Well, hearing people DO violate the ADA laws. Even if it is unintentional or intentional.

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He’s not always "Stephen King"

The other day Nik had something to write. He was drawing and cutting out snowflakes and such. So, he wanted me to have something. He gave me an envelope. It says ‘Mom I Nik.’ I asked Nik what it said in sign.

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Happy Holidays from Hearing Sparks!

I want to wish everyone a happy holiday season from my family (human, furry, scaled, and feathered) to yours. And Genbu, too! Created through Banfield Pet Hospital’s adorable “Dress Your Pet” Facebook app...

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The OCDAC Relay Service Concept Established On May 31, 2002 at 1:26 PM (Pacific Time)

The OCDAC Relay Service concept is best described using only two words; Simplicity and Sustainment.

A simple telecommunications relay system to function as a communication assistant between two parties one being with a hearing and/or speech disability to be used in place of a telephone.

Take the image below for example as if it was going to be seen on a website.

Frame 1 would carry a rotating advertiser banner.

Frame 2 would carry a rotating advertiser banner.

Frame 3 would carry the communication services being a text relay and, in these advanced times, a dual video for communication assistance using sign language. They will be in two functions chosen by the user, text or video. The text relay function will be fully automated text-to-speech and speech-to-text pretty much like the old text based California Relay service. The video function would utilize an open source dual video system.

Security elements to prevent fraud use would be as simple as banning IP's.

Since this receives funding only from rotating advertised sponsors, FCC rules and conditions is not going to apply.

And this simple relay concept can be implemented in any country of the world.

Call centers would be simple as laptops, webcams, and multi-line telephone system.

We have an AIM account "ocdacrelay" we established on May 31, 2002 at 1:26 PM Pacific Time for the purpose of introducing the IP relay concept to the deaf community. It is still active as an AIM account as of now. Its not functioning as a relay service at this time. I been getting dial requests as result of this blog posting.

Why "ocdacrelay" concept did not become a major relay service is due to a very sophisticated combination of theft and crab theory casted upon the innovator, Richard Roehm, by the sign language extremists and their cronies. And this is the very reason why our specialized communication services concept has a growing distrust by our current society because it is something that was stolen from a deaf person.

All the internet based relay services owe the Orange County Deaf Center a great deal of resources for being the stepping stones to a great communication access service widely used by the deaf and hard of hearing.

Richard Roehm


Not to replace inclusion of quality cc (full verbatim speech to text), yet an additional feature for millions, check this out.... Don't know how long this has been available, yet cool!

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HLAA Of Orange County's Nonprofit Status Revoked

Going through the recent publication of Orange County's charities that lost their charity status has yielded an interesting find.


Yes here in Orange County, California the very chapter thats held the most difficult members of the hard of hearing subclass of the Orange County California's deaf and hard of hearing community.

This same group is noted for the high divorce rate among its married members and the propensity of filing restraining orders even at the most simple of the disputes among its members.

They shut down early this year. Good riddance!

This sounds like a vindicatiory victory? Yes you bet!

Richard Roehm

The Rider

"The Rider" A short film about perspective of Deaf and hearing culture. In the fact, Deaf drivers are better than Hearing drivers since DMV proved it. It is a comedy short film about our cultural.

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Deafinitely Girly's noisy morning

Last night I went to bed at 10.30, woke at 3am and woke at 5am. The 2nd time, I was so convinced it was time to get up that I switched on my bedside lamp and lay in the brightness, clearing the sleep from my eyes. Then I put my glasses on and looked at the clock.

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Can she hear with it?

So a funny thing happened today. A patron who comes in all the time, who I have always thought had a British accent, spent a few moments talking to one of the subs we had working in place of someone who was out sick.

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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Leonardo................i primi suoni

In seguito all'articolo pubblicato domenica in Corriere della Sera: Leonardo (al Nord) curato a sette mesi, Alessandro (al Sud) solo dopo l'anno...................dove la mamma di Leo dice:
«Il 20 dicembre, a Leonardo sarà attivato l' impianto - dice

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Why Are Many Deaf Non-profits Silent Over VRS Fraud Matters

They have been corrupted by the volatile VRS marketplace. The interpreters hired by the VRS industry have strong connections with non-profits. Certification is not possible without the backing of a deaf non-profit these days. This, therefore, creates a co-dependency situation of the interpreters depending on non-profits and vice versa.

Recently the CEO of a large California non-profit sent a letter to FCC complaining that 11-184 FNPRM “Structure and Practices of the Video Relay Service program” is not available in American Sign Language. If she is going to play the sign language card for the purpose of intimidating FCC, she is running the risk of making FCC look farther away from the goodness of the VRS industry and implement more strict rules.

The real meaning of her recent letter is trying to soften up the FCC's grip on the VRS industry by playing the sign language card. Many major VRS players already have excellent command of the English language and to see a letter like this from a CEO of a deaf nonprofit safely suggest corruption by the VRS industry.

Richard Roehm

Sorenson’s Rubuttal about Interoperability


Sorenson Communications, Inc. filed Note of Exparte letter in response to CSDVRS' and Todd Elliott's Ex Parte Letters that was filed at FCC. Sorenson submitted 23-page document, including exhibits showing how Sorenson products are interoperable with ZVRS products.

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Ahhh, latkes....

Happy First Night of Chanukah! Ben's big present tonight was a V-Tech Inno Tab, which beat out the competition (the LeapPad) for three reasons: (a) It has better drawing resolution. (b) We don't need the camera, because Ben already has one.

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Sorenson VRS Video Why nTouchVP Is Best Than Z20 by ZVRS

How do Sorenson videophones compare to the competition? In this video, we show that Sorenson videophones have cameras and views that are designed specifically for deaf people who sign.

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Sorenson VRS Explained Why Their Products Are Better (video)

Today, Sorenson Communications released a new video to show why their new products, ntouch PC and Mobile are better than Z20 under ZVRS. Video after the break.

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My “Campaigning for Deaf Children” Christmas wish list

As a campaigner, what would I like Santa Claus to give deaf children for Christmas?

1) Greater focus on making sure deaf children start primary school on a level playing field with other children.

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Just Released - The Formal Bonheyo Indictment Document

Folks this the document we all been seeking in the past day.

The link to the Bonheyo Indictment Document has been moved to a safer place. CLICK HERE to access the sponsor page that has the link.

The purpose of making this document available represents Orange County Deaf Advocacy Center's ongoing zeal to support a honest, safe, healthy, VRS industry and we would appreciate your visit to and supporting our zeal to foster a healthy VRS industry.

The Orange County Deaf Advocacy Center is provenly a leader in the advocacy of ethical and responsible Video Relay Service industry that supports interoperability through it’s hardware, software, and end user agreements.

Richard Roehm

{Idea 7}

Go all out this holiday season (or next) and leave no window, staircase, banister, or mantle left behind. Make a Christmas garland JOY banner. I made one from fabric and ribbon. It can be made from paper and string or any other supplies you have around your house.

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HLAA in Crystal City

The HLAA conference in Crystal City was a BLAST!!!! This was my first time attending the event but I wasn't going there as a attendee.. I volunteered my time with Advanced Bionics booth to show the consumers how great AB's implant is!

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I'm hearing rumors about a totally swimmable CI! There isn't any material for the US but I was able to find some stuff on the UK websites and UK blogs about it.Is it worth getting the 'NEPTUNE' by Advanced Bionics??

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Out of the Cracks. The Christchurch Earthquake Aftermath

I headed down to Christchurch last week to do a bit of imbibing with friends and family for Christmas. It was my first trip since the second of the two big major quakes, and although I knew that parts of Christchurch was in a bad way, and that I thought I knew what to expect, I was wrong.

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Greetings to New Subscribers to the CCAC Blog

We welcome all subscribers here and are happy to see some new names! Add your comments anytime please, and/or say hello with a short introduction with something about your interests in captioning advocacy.

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Advanced Bionics Recall

Unfortunately, AB is on a voluntary recall due to TWO failures. One here in the US and one in UK. The two patients are experiencing severe pain, loud sounds and shocking sensations within 8-10 days after being activated.At least that AB is being honest and pulling it off the shelf before anyone else gets hurt like the other two people.

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Deaf Anthology # 1084: "Abuses"

The most common abuses on Deafread is when a non-blogger leaves a comment, using a non-existence (or inactive) screen name. Deaf Anthology recognizes only those that are identifiable. There are Deaf that leaves comments but never posted a single blog.

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Support Group at the Arbutus Library

We used a new location for the Winter BEA support group. This library is spanking brand new and CLEAN!

We had BethAnne from AB come and talk about the changes with AB. There are so many new changes...

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4 more months to go!

4 more months til my wedding day! I'm all prepared and getting my last map soon before the big day! Had make up trials and hair trials too!

I did get an interpreter for my wedding.

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Pictures of Closed Captions Censored on AMC TV's 'Hell On Wheels'

While the captions were censored, the spoken dialogue was not. During the time I took the photographs, a typically hearing viewer could hear the spoken words that were censored in the captions.

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VRS case update: Many defendants sentencing postponed

Sentencing has been indefinitely postponed for many defendants until the court receives the PSR (Pre-Sentencing Report) from Pre-Trial Services. Then the court will set dates. Affected defendants......

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Filed a Complaint With FCC About AMC's 'Hell on Wheels'

I filed another complaint with the FCC about how AMC TV Networks censors the language spoken in the closed captions on their television show Hell on Wheels. I encourage anyone who cares about this to file a complaint with the FCC and to contact AMC TV.

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Texting Ban in DR of Congo

One of my friends posted on facebook a link of BBC news which was about banning SMS (short message sending) a text messaging in DR of Congo. Deaf people in DR Congo now face difficult communications because their main communication which was SMS is now banned.

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Going deaf makes you an better musician... we have proof.

This should silence those who suggest deafness is an negative thing.....I think I'll start composing now. Beethoven’s deafness could have been cause of greatest works, claims study. (NO truth in the rumour this study was commissioned by the British Deaf Association.).

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The SilentSHOUT's Sneak Preview - Josephine, Deaf Malaysian...

First time, Josephine experienced her acting in the short film, Eyefinger in 2008. Her director and team invited her to join their project to do shooting. She sure happy to love acting! Eyefinger is a story about a deaf woman who experiences post emotional after son's death.

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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Commentary On Bridget And Jerry Bonheyo's Indictment

As you all know, indictments were handed to Bridget and Jerry Bonheyo yesterday.

I personally know Bridget and she's from very good stock. I am very shocked to hear that she is being accused of being one of the pirates that robbed FCC and NECA. I'm still a believer that people are innocent until proven guilty. I find it extremely painful to swallow this news. But I've been around wolves in sheep clothing and I feel guilty for not vetting Bridget out thoroughly before I put her in my heart. Maybe I missed it because she had a strong association with a well known deaf con-artist. But hey, I'm a believer that angels could be made out of devils as I seen with the late Robert Johnson's transformation. I had thought highly of and believed in Bridget and welcomed her into my heart.

What makes these indictments shocking is that, unlike the infamous 20 something people that were arrested back then, Bridget knew the deaf communities a lot more than "the powers that be" that are getting their prison sentences in these days.

Bridget has been pretty much the glue that kept a big chunk of the deaf community united together. Now with her credibility being crushed by the federal government, it brings an ominous sign preluding the "great weakening" of the deaf community.

I've seen plenty YouTube videos from the deaf community showing their feelings and fears of the year 2012.

Yesterday's indictment news sends a signal that the year 2012 has begun in the deaf community.

Richard Roehm

Sorenson “Win-Backs” are Permitted!


Sorenson Communications filed Ex-Parte Letter to FCC dated on December 16, 2011 responding to ZVRS’ General Counsel, Jeff Rosen’s letter to FCC filed December 5, 2011.

ZVRS complained about Sorenson’s conduct related to customer port requests.

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Gallaudet is Hearing and Speech Center, not University!


My stomach had turned recently. I feel so sick.

I must blog about this.

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Chinese Bamboo

I joined The Emotional Intelligence Network on Linkedin and this was the question asked: Which emotions would motivate a person to overcome obstacles to achieve a challenging goal that is outside their comfort zone?

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ABC Family’s Switched at Birth Returns Jan. 3!

ABC Family’s Switched at Birth, starring Katie Leclerc and Sean Berdy, returns for its Winter Premiere on Tuesday, January 3rd at 8/7c! Various video clips of the show are now available! Please visit the show’s official site!

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Email to Amazon Requesting Captioned Videos

As a sports fan with hearing loss, I am writing to express my concern about the lack of captions with your video streaming of live sports events. On several occasions, myself and friends with hearing loss have wanted to watch sport events on your Website, only to be unable to understand the play-by-play information due to lack of captions. 

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The Anxiety of Deliverance

Editor's Note:  Jennifer and Mark will be back after the holidays.  Mani G. Iyer was born and raised in Bombay, India and has lived in the United States since 1985.  He is deaf-blind due to Usher Syndrome.

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Employment Rate Remains High for RIT/NTID Grads

Despite the challenging economic environment in the past few years, nine out of 10 graduates from RIT/NTID who seek employment upon graduation are landing jobs within a year.

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MAJOR UPDATE: New VRS fraud case opened!

On December 15, a federal grand jury indicted (accused) a Frederick, MD-based contractor company named Bonheyo & Bonheyo, LLC’s CEO Bridget Bonheyo and CFO Jerome (“Jerry”) Bonheyo of VRS fraud. This was filed under seal until unsealed yesterday when they made their initial appearance in Maryland federal district court in front of Magistrate Judge William Connelly.

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This sign is posted on Gallaudet University Campus

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Deaf CEO of the Week Project

myVRS Relay Central LLC is launching a new project called “Deaf CEO of the Week”. That’s right, starting in January 2012, we will be enlighten each deaf CEO every week which will have a bio profile page more about the CEO so you can learn more about them.

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Cochlear Identifies cause of Failure

Cochlear Identifies cause of Failure
CHECK THIS OUT!!! This is from WallStreet Journal.

Click on link: Cochlear Identifies cause of Failure

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Water caused implant failure - Cochlear

Hearing implant maker Cochlear says about 1.9 per cent of registered implants globally of its Nucleus C1500 series devices have failed.

It said the proportion of failure was similar in all three regions of The Americas, Europe, Middle East and Africa, and Asia Pacific

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Cochlear Implant Update

Cochlear Implant surgery and activation went great. I’m currently in the process of relearning how to hear in that ear. After 13 years of hearing absolutely nothing in that ear, I was able to distinguish some words just minutes after activation.

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Three Cheers to all CCAC Members, Friends, and Followers!

The CCAC is Two Years Old Today,
Hoorah and horray :-) .

Giving a cheer to you all too,
Members, friends and all who follow,
Without so many, we’d be much more — well…hollow!

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Uncovered: deaf prisoner’s treatment at the hands of the US justice system

An incredible article by investigative journalist James Ridgeway for America’s Mother Jones magazine uncovers the story of Felix Garcia, a profoundly deaf Cuban American who was imprisoned in 1983 for a crime his brother has since confessed to.

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VRS case update: Larry Berke sentenced to federal prison

Yesterday (December 19, 2011), federal District Judge Joel A. Pisano sentenced Larry Berke to 24 months in federal prison on a single count of conspiracy to commit mail fraud — all others were dismissed, a $2.5 million fine, and a $100 special asseessment fee during an hour-long sentencing hearing.

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Future Deaf and HOH Advocate, Part 2 : )

Remember a young student of mine who told his parents that he wants to grow up to be an advocate for deaf and hard of hearing people? I saw him recently, before the holiday break, and as always he was talking about starting a support group or social group of some kind for people like himself (deaf and hard of hearing). He is particularly interested in meeting others close to his age.

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Korea's mess, GU Logo.

In the last few days the world hasn't been shocked that much, but it has been expected that the North Korean leader: KimJong II would die one day. It has been in hopes that his death would be the end of any nuclear or biological/chemical threat that he'd make.

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Monday, December 19, 2011

Deaf people are proven body language experts. So what jobs could this skill lead to?

A study has shown what signing deaf people have long suspected – that we pick up faster on body language. And it gets better – researchers at the University of California say that because we’re so canny at picking up on “subtle visual traits in the actions of others,” deaf folk could be suited to certain jobs, “such as airport screening.”

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Korean Sign Language Interpreter is on T.V. news with crying anchor

North Korean State T.V. Break the News of Kim Jong’s Death with crying anchor and Korean sign language interpreter.

North Korean News breaks the story of the death of Kim Jong Il to viewers.

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The December Catch-Up

After 87 pictures I finally got two decent ones! Norah decorated the Christmas tree this year all by herself. She did a fabulous job and may from this point on be the holiday decorator in our house.

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Post Activation Day

The wind chime sounds have been replaced by annoying vibrations and slight echoing. I have the volume turned up as far as it will go. I am still not sure which program I like best- one or three.

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Don't Drink the Water

I can recall only one time I was concerned about my hearing, I told my doc, when he was gathering information regarding my past medical history for the 90-11th time on a follow-up visit. "Oh, he said with interest, when was that?" I laughed.

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I have been wondering for weeks what my activation appointment will be like. I get my cochlear implant turned on just six days after the surgery.

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Greek Deaf Support Abandoned

Evanthia Plakoura's life recently became a lot more complicated. Conversations with her boss switched to email only. Visits to the doctor require additional planning. She feels helpless in Greece's bureaucratic labyrinth.

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Where to start..

Lotte has made a jump again… indicated by erratic behaviour, being tired like other times she grew mentally again.Suddenly she is taking more control of her life. It’s wonderful to see.Her vocabulary is still improving.

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Rooting Out Bad VRS Apples

As advocates for a honest, responsible, and ethical Video Relay Service industry, we are very pleased with the actions by Federal Communications Commission (FCC) at rooting out Video Relay Service companies that have the highest potentiality of becoming rogue members. We support the continued FCC zeal to create a healthy Video Relay Service industry.

The Orange County Deaf Advocacy Center is provenly a leader in the advocacy of ethical and responsible Video Relay Service industry that supports interoperability through it’s hardware, software, and end user agreements.

Richard Roehm

Google Plus Website

Our Google Plus website with lots of photos of our activities.


Saturday, December 17, 2011

EDUCATION: Please watch this video!

Ever doubt what a motivated deaf/hoh/deafened person can do? Watch this! Remote real time captioning (CART) is so needed in so many places by so many people. Thanks for this video, Amanda, UC Davis Medical School, faculty, and all there. With the right resources, we are able!

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Blog Award and an Announcement

I've been awarded the Leibster Blog Award by Liz of Cats and Chocolates. Thanks so much, Liz. This was quite a surprise to me. I had not realized she was a long time reader and I had not been to her blog before.

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Vacation with a Hearing Loss

A few weeks ago I went to Maui with my aunt and her grand daughter. After having so much trouble hearing on the plane from Chicago to Salt Lake, I warned my aunt right away about not hearing well at all on planes.

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BREAKING NEWS CACVRS Closing Down Effective January 9 2012

As of today, Federal Communications Commission confirmed that Communication Access Center for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing is announcing that will be shutting down CACVRS that offers VRS and IP Relay such as URRelay, and many other subcontractors on January 9, 2012.

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Second Mapping and SUV

Today's the second mapping, I feel that I need more information on the new ear (left ear) which is good. I'm hoping Steve can make it better so I can be able to distinguish sounds that I need to hear.

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Deaf Picture Of The Year 2011

Nothing more impacting than the pride seen on the face of this deaf Libyan Rebel Fighter Abubakar Mustafa Awene.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

GOVERNMENT: And Business – Text Announcements

Australian Communication Exchange has developed a smartphone app that displays text-based public announcements for people who are Deaf or hearing impaired. This will give people who are Deaf or hearing impaired visual access to public announcements otherwise made through auditory methods, such as the radio or public announcement systems.

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To Sign Or Not, I'm Not Jumping Into The Gallaudet Video Foray

The whole brouhaha is all about out of a bunch of signers just ONE person, JUST ONE PERSON, not signing in the recent video by Gallaudet University. The video contained captioning. The ASL militants are stupid and reckless!

Richard Roehm
Chairman, OCDAC

Gallaudet University's holiday signing II

Looking back on what I wrote today about the recent holiday video that apparently upset a few people. It is a video produced by Gallaudet University that includes Dr. Hurwitz shown at the end of the video where he signed and used his voice (starting at the 16:44 mark).

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Gallaudet University's holiday signing

At the 3:54 minute mark in a Gallaudet University's video on how holidays are celebrated in different countries as explained by different people, Oluyinka "Yinka" Fakunle who is the part of the Communications and Public Relations Staff as an Administrative Secretary discusses her holiday tradition by talking and not sign.

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One Speaker Didn’t Sign in Gallaudet Video. What The Heck???

Gallaudet is showing a video how its community celebrates the holidays. It’s a great video, showing the different celebrations of the holidays and reflecting the diversity of Gallaudet members. Unfortunately one speaker is shown with no signing at all.

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A Wonderful Opportunity for the New Year

I have been kindly asked by my son's Second Grade teacher if I would be interested in coming to the school during Helen Keller week in January to do a presentation about Deafness, Hearing Loss and Sign Language. I will not only be visiting her class, but seven others as well.

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How deaf viewers were let down by decision to use live subtitles on the Young Apprentice final

Last night, my wife and I sat down ready to watch the final of BBC1′s Young Apprentice. Admittedly, the show’s a bit of a guilty pleasure for us, but after eight episodes and ten firings, we found ourselves rooting for our own candidates – I wanted James to win, she wanted Zara.

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Is the Prime Minister keeping his promises on help for disabled children?

One of my favourite campaigning organisations, Every Disabled Child Matters, have launched a new campaign action. They are asking people to write to the Prime Minister to give some good news to families with disabled children for Christmas.

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Monday, December 12, 2011

Another Busy December Week

Seems like the weeks get busier and busier. But they have also been fun and more fun, so it’s all good!

We started off last Monday with school and PT for Lindy. In November, Jill was not pleased to see that Lindy seemed to be toe walking more than in the past.

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Meadow Lights (part I)

Locally, we have this light show not far from us. Best part is, they have a little train that goes around and you can see the light. Despite everything else going up in this world, it has always stayed at $2.00 per person for the train ride. Still is the same price.

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October 13th

I got to sub in Jason's class again. Can I tell you how much I love that! I get to see how he's doing, because in all honesty he doesn't really even pay attention to me.

Even though I knew this I was excited to find he really likes bowling.

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Life in a Cup of Coffee

Order a cup of coffee.
Refuse the sugar.
Refuse the artificial sweetener.
Drink it just the way it is supposed to be and taste the bitter.

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Well Child Visit/Some Good Days/Phone Calls to Make

Last Tuesday, Nolan had his four-year-old well child visit.Yes, he turned four in August... but insurance mandates that physicals be 365 days apart, so they have been slipping farther and farther away from his actual birthday!

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Angela Burns backs deaf accessibility to schools

Carmarthen West and South Pembrokeshire Assembly Member Angela Burns has signed a New Year’s Resolution in support of the National Deaf Children’s Society (NDCS) Cymru campaign to make new school, nursery and college buildings accessible to children with a hearing loss.

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As my hearing has not deteriorated any further from having op on my mastoid back in March, I decided to look into the ePocket that I knew I could get for my hearing aid. The ePocket is a wireless remote so I can change my programme or volume of my Siemens Reflex DP hearing aids.

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Sunday, December 11, 2011

VRS case — Kathleen Valle charges to be dropped

On December 6, 2011, according to a court document, prosecutor Robert Zink said Kathleen Valle had successfully completed her Pre-Trial Diversion (PTD) program so he petitioned the court to have all charges dropped.

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Ahh-ha! clercjr’s real identity unmasked!

Who is clercjr? Answer revealed in the final sentence of this post!

SHHHH! Don’t tell clercjr I wrote this expose on him! ;-)

clercjr was born profoundly deaf on a cold afternoon in Massachusetts on October 20, 1974, due to Waardenburg Syndrome.

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The Art of Listening – and The Power of Captioning (c)*

An unintended reason to read this article is —->>> the powerful difference that deafness and hearing loss is in any human life.

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Deaf MP hasn't all her faculties...

Seems we are not over the assumptions yet re being deaf, foot in mouth time again. Green MP-in-waiting Mojo Mathers has accepted an apology from a Conservative Party member in New Zealand, who questioned whether the deaf Ms Mathers should be an MP because she didn't have all her "faculties".

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What it isn't...

I first met Louise Stern when I was a freshman at the student newspaper. She was the features editor, responsible for being in tune with the scenesters in and outside of Gallaudet.

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Telecoil hooks update

Ok, the update for the Telecoil hooks are as follow:

They DO work on smartphones. I tried again with my smartphone which I got recently and it works. Previously I just had an ordinary mobile phone...

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Plant the ASL Seed & Your Wish Will Grow

If you’re like me, you wish more people in the United States of America could communicate in ASL.

What good is a wish by itself? Your wish is only a seed that needs to be planted. Without planting a seed in soil and watering it, giving it care, it will not likely grow.

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Why Hard of Hearing?… Biased Political Correctness?

Should we stop these stupid terminologies of the Political Correctness Identity? Should we be proud of ourselves as one identity? If not, then we have a problem. Here is the Political Correctness in the society that we seem needed to be identified… “Who we are…?” ” colonialized…?” ”political correctness…?”

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The Tightrope Across the Chasm (or why hearing families should learn ASL for their deaf loved ones)

Today in explaining the value of learning American Sign Language to hearing family members of deaf individuals, I used this imagery to give them a sense of what it means, to a deaf family member, when they make the effort: Imagine you see your family, not too far away from where you stand.

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Our Hearing Friends

I dream of a country where our American Sign Language catches on like wildfire until it’s so common to see signing on every street corner, in every mall and museum, in every school and park. I would love it: just to feel that much more connected to the world around me because of communication becoming more accessible.

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Let's Make A Soup Out Of Him!

Ben Soukup, a CEO of Communication Service of the Deaf, Inc. (CSD), with every fiber of his body took the liberty of closing a CSD center in Frederick, MD without an explanation or some kind of notification to the community.

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Hypocritical blog of the week..

Pots, kettles and the whole damned thing.... Biased, surely not !!! This is a blogger who refuses to accept feedback too...... how about 'hard of listening John ?'

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Friday, December 09, 2011

11+ Months Hearing

This girl loves to accessorize these days! That hard thing is dealing with hats and things that go on her head, because her magnets and processors get in the way and tend to fall off. Speaking of the word "off", Natalie has now learned to say it.

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When bullies go after kids with cochlear implants

Here's a good story about a deaf boy who had to take a stand and defend himself against a bully. I'm not sure if it's because he was bullied because he wore a cochlear implant but in the end the deaf boy ultimately stood his ground.

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The Drive For Economic Power. Really?

It is high time I v/blogged on this subject. Earlier in 2011 I had the itch to respond to Ryan Comerson's video known as "VRS Our Economic Power?" but apparently the itch was not strong enough for me to respond until now.

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Shopping for B-T-S Clothes, Some 30 Years Later

Nervous? ohdeargod. Re-enrolling into college at age 50 was not on my list of long-term goals. I had worked for the last 20-odd years as a medical transcriptionist with no intention of changing careers. I loved being an MT, and I was as good as the next, until the day my ear died.

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Discussion Board: EDLD 5333 Leadership for Accountability

Week #5- What should schools do when they get stuck? “Stuckess” typically when people feel like they are doing their best work and it’s not paying off in visible of improved student performance. Have you or has your school found itself in that position? What are some things that can be done at that point to gain forward momentum?

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Gallaudet University Opens New Research Laboratory

Washington, D.C. (December 9, 2011) Gallaudet University is pleased to announce the opening of its new Brain and Language Laboratory (BL2). BL2 is led by Dr. Laura-Ann Petitto, a world-renowned cognitive neuroscientist and a developmental cognitive neuroscientist, who is known for her three decades of discoveries about language learning in the human brain, the bilingual brain, the reading brain, and for her discoveries about the acquisition and neural organization of American Sign Language (ASL).

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Who is deaf ? Who isn't ?

This is an never-ending debate, who IS deaf who isn't, it's all about decibels and whether any decibel use you have is effective enough for you to follow unaided OR with alleviating aids/CI/BAHA's. I think the debate is probably more about the latter category, i.e. hearing use WITH these 'aids'.

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FDA approves Neptune sound processor

Advanced Bionics is thrilled to announce that the NEPTUNE™ sound processor has received FDA approval in the United States.

Today is a momentous day for us all. You have all been anxiously awaiting this moment and it has finally arrived!

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US Labor Department Press Release 12/08/2011

US Labor Department seeks to improve job opportunities for Americans with disabilities by setting historic hiring goal for federal contractors and subcontractors

WASHINGTON — The U.S. Department of Labor is proposing a new rule that would require federal contractors and subcontractors to set a hiring goal of having 7 percent of their workforces be people with disabilities, among other requirements. The department's Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs invites public comment on this proposal, which will be published in the Dec. 9 edition of the Federal Register.

OFCCP's proposed rule would strengthen the affirmative action requirements established in Section 503 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 obligating federal contractors and subcontractors to ensure equal employment opportunities for qualified workers with disabilities. The proposed regulatory changes detail specific actions contractors must take in the areas of recruitment, training, record keeping and policy dissemination — similar to those that have long been required to promote workplace equality for women and minorities. In addition, the rule would clarify OFCCP's expectations for contractors by providing specific guidance on how to comply with the law.

"This proposed rule represents one of the most significant advances in protecting the civil rights of workers with disabilities since the passage of the Americans with Disabilities Act," said Secretary of Labor Hilda L. Solis. "President Obama has demonstrated a commitment to people with disabilities. This proposed rule would help federal contractors better fulfill their legal responsibility to hire qualified workers with disabilities."

Although Section 503 regulations have been in place for decades, the current unemployment rate for people with disabilities is 13 percent, 1 1/2 times the rate of those without disabilities. Even more discouraging, data published last week by the department's Bureau of Labor Statistics show stark disparities facing working-age individuals with disabilities, with 79.2 percent outside the labor force altogether, compared to 30.5 percent of those without disabilities.

"For nearly 40 years, the rules have said that contractors simply need to make a 'good faith' effort to recruit and hire people with disabilities. Clearly, that's not working," said OFCCP Director Patricia A. Shiu. "Our proposal would define specific goals, require real accountability and provide the clearest possible guidance for employers seeking to comply with the law. What gets measured gets done. And we're in the business of getting things done."

Establishing a 7 percent hiring goal for the employment of individuals with disabilities would be a tool for contractors to measure the effectiveness of their affirmative action efforts and thereby inform their decision-making. The proposed rule also would enhance data collection and record-keeping requirements — including for documentation and processing of requests for reasonable accommodation — in order to improve accountability. Additionally, it would ensure annual self-reviews of employers' recruitment and outreach efforts, and add a new requirement for contractors to list job openings to increase their pools of qualified applicants.

To read the notice of proposed rulemaking or submit a comment, visit the federal e-rulemaking portal at Comments also can be submitted by mail to Debra Carr, Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs, U.S. Department of Labor, Room C-3325, 200 Constitution Ave. NW, Washington, D.C. 20210. All comments must be received by Feb. 7, 2012, and should include identification number (RIN) 1250-AA02.

In addition to Section 503, OFCCP enforces Executive Order 11246 and the Vietnam Era Veterans' Readjustment Assistance Act of 1974. As amended, these three laws require those who do business with the federal government, both contractors and subcontractors, to follow the fair and reasonable standard that they take affirmative action and not discriminate in employment on the basis of sex, race, color, religion, national origin, disability or status as a protected veteran. For general information, call OFCCP's toll-free helpline at 800-397-6251 or visit its website at

2011 Has Been A Great Year For Orange County Deaf Advocacy Center

This is the unofficial end of the year report for our readers.

We have moved our office operations into the building of our residency programs and that allowed us to become more cost effective and make better use of our residents through training and education.

We have a blog site that agreggates current deaf blogs :

We have a blog site that aggregates current deaf news :

We have a shock blog site that allows people to say as they see fit without facing judgment :

We have reached our goal of over 1,000 items listed on our ebay store :

We have lead thousands of parents of deaf newborns to positive solutions :

We are providing sign language lessons at one of our group homes :

We have a facebook page :

We have a twitter feed :!/ocdac

We have a strong social connection with the society :

Our strategic collaboration with has strengthened our online presence.

We have a website

Finally we have serviced over 2,000 clients this year.

The attendance at the oral deaf camp collaboration this year is at is record breaking high at 619 children.

Finally we have a beautiful three story office in Second Life.

We have many more things going on online that will be included in our official end of year report.

Richard Roehm
Chairman, OCDAC

Thursday, December 08, 2011

guilty pleasures

my guilty pleasure? dressing reese to the nines. hat, tights, shoes and all. it must be a baby girl thing, because I didn’t dote my boys around like they were a fashion accessory.

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Christmas without my girl

Ever wondered what it’d be like without your child at Christmas? Well, here’s what it’ll be like for me this year: It Won’t Seem Like Christmas Without You.

And while I know Riley is excited about her trip to see her dad’s families, today my heart broke for her.

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Turning On the Subtitles for DVD Is Easy

After talking with and sending numerous emails about the importance of using closed-captions or subtitles to a counselor at a school, she still was not doing this for some hard of hearing students who attend her classes, according to an interpreter.

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Test Your Finger Spelling

I found this surfing one day. I can't wait to share this with my students. You can replay the word, or you can slow it down. This is great for those of us who need to practice our receptive skills in reading finger spelling.

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My Experience With "Bullying" At Three Different Schools

Vlog in ASL - When I was young student and went three different mainstream schools. The mainstream students were bulling at me and cause my life become trouble. Of course, my grade got bad too.

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My Cochlear Implant, My Brain, and Music

I did not grow up in a musical family. The HiFi was never used. My father listened to ballgames on the transistor radio, not music. I listened to The Monkees. I saw music on television variety shows. That was about it.

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this morning i had the dietian round for a check up. i am finally at a perfect weight of 9 stone 7! i know i was shocked myself! its been a while since my dietian has been happy with my weight and shes finally happy! i am enjoying being curvy since i have been able to find closed to fit me!

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Check Out This Awesome Video On Why Cochlear Implant Users Can’t Hear Music Well

Kudos to Hearing Review for catching this awesome video of a TED conference talk on why cochlear implant users can’t hear music well. This one hits home for me, because when I lost most of my hearing nine years ago, music suddenly became a discordant jumble of noise that was impossible to enjoy any more. Now I find it’s exactly what cochlear implantees experience.

Concerning Facebook Postings On VRS Issues

The Orange County Deaf Advocacy Center is provenly a leader in the advocacy of ethical and responsible VRS industry that supports interoperability through it's hardware, software, and end user agreements.

We will continue on this direction and we have the support of the deaf community in maintaining our zeal to bring fairness in the VRS industry.


Announcing Two New deaf Aggregation Websites

First we open is our Orange deafie Newswire (ODN). This has the most latest news from the deaf community, hearing loss, sign language, cochlear implants, and audiology. Its fully inclusive and is recognized with an orange avatar of someone reading a newspaper. You can see it at

Secondly we open is Orange deafie Blogwire (ODB). This one has the latest blog submissions from members of the deaf community, audiologists, and the industry that serves these people. This is far more inclusive than the other two aggregation websites. This fills an unmet need for a fully inclusive blog agreggator and is recognized with an avatar of a small "d" deaf man with a bullhorn. You can see it at

Both agreggators are the newest Orange County Deaf Advocacy Center's efforts to bring related news, information, and community observations to our stakeholders in the communities we have been serving since 1998.

November- Letting go- My decision to get the implant

It’s two in the morning and I’m pawing through files like a crazy woman. The doctor’s office has been calling all week. I don’t pick up. My husband listens to their messages.  Your insurance has approved pre-authorization for the implant.

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The Day the Bully Ate Dirt

I've been debating about whether or not to blog this, because...well, my mom reads my blog and I'll get the worried Grandma phonecall.
I'm a big girl, so here.

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Sorenson Attacks ZVRS Videos

Since when Sorenson Communications launched this video about “Porting” and the topic went overboard. Many web bloggers start writting and discussing about it. Does this shows that Sorenson is desperate? What is the fault here?

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A Brief Snippet Of The Deaf Evolution In Orange County, California

When I started OCDAC in 1998. There had been 15 children in the oral deaf camp in OC. It has grown to 600 children this summer. That's 600 kids that's not going to be students under any of the Orange County DHH schools principaled by Jon Levy. That's 600 kids that are never going to be part of either CSDR or CSDF or Gallaudet. That's 600 kids that are going to lead independent lives. That's 600 kids that are never going to be part of the quasi-schizophrenic like deaf blogging and vlogging community either. That's 600 kids that will lead safe, healthy, and productive lives completely free from the closed deaf society. And even as painful is local ASL camps have gone from 210 kids in 1999 down to 55 kids in 2010 and was canceled this year because only 5 kids were signed up. Now you see I have been part of the waves in the past 13 years that has changed the face of the deaf community in Orange County, California. And a handful of old guard deaf wanna-be leaders have responded to this by attacking me because they cant handle the truth.

Richard Roehm

Congratulations To The John Tracy Clinic Chosen One Of CNN Heroes!

JTC will be featured in the 2011 CNN Heroes: All-Star Tribute airing live on CNN from the Shrine Auditorium this Sunday, December 11th at 7:00 pm PST.

JTC was one of five downtown LA nonprofits selected to participate in a feature promoting volunteerism.

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ZVRS Complains To FCC About Sorenson's NTouch Lack Of Interoperability

......ZVRS also followed up on the numerous consumer complaints about the non-interoperability of Sorenson’s nTouch devices and programs. To the best of its knowledge and based on its latest testing (which were re-conducted today), we have observed the following:......

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GOVERNMENT – Australia – funding for workplace captioning – it works!

Thanks to Nari, her company and her new website for this info today, of interest, we hope to all governments. See this website and the text below also.

Why is this important? Because the government there, as in the UK we believe, and also in several northern European countries, supports communication AT WORK, not only while seeking work.

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ENT Visit/Sinus CT Results/Fundoplication Referral

Why does the flurry of doctor appointments always seem to come over the winter months?

On Monday, we went to see Nolan's ENT to discuss his sinus CT results. We had been given a heads-up that the CT results showed sinusitis, so that wasn't really a surprise.

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serious double trouble

i love that my daughter has friends with hearing loss.

it kind of makes my day to see this picture of her in class with her friend lily, who has bilateral cochlear implants just like monrovia.

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the orange m&m

We've been working very hard at some certain sounds Aiden has difficulty with - such as /w/, /f/, /n/, /p/ and /sh/. He's using them, a lot of times pretty clearly, but still has some challenges as they can sound weak or jumbled depending on placement (beginning, middle, end) and/or with certain sounds combined with them (especially if /oo/ or /ow/ follow the consonant) - oh, and he's three.

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We are so lucky to live NOW

Tonight as I touched base with my friends and family on Facebook, a video an old friend from high school posted caught my eye.

In it, a baby who has just gotten a cochlear implant hears his mother’s voice for the first time.

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New season - new videos

In 2008 I joined YouTube. When I look back.. a lot has changed for me. Here's a little video, that recaps in short the past three years. I had more videos on my youtube account but some of them I have deleted. Though I still have them on my hard disk.

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Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Open Letter Complaint Against SprintVRS and ZVRS

This is the open letter complaint against SprintVRS and ZVRS. It was send to FCC few hours ago about “Porting” and it caught my attention and I was not pleased with the decision. I am very concerned because this doesn’t give customer choices and I felt this was abuse.

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Dusting Off

I’ve been asked to dust off my blog. A few changes have taken place in my life recently.

I’ve gone deaf.

No really. I’ve been going deaf for over thirty-five years, so this shouldn’t be a huge shock to anyone. I have a degenerative hearing loss.

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Being Bullied By Other Deaf

Toojinxed4u have nothing against Deaf school... Its the behavior that She noticed when she was a mainstreammed student going in there and their reactions. Toojinxed4u still love MSSD, and please dont condemned them for what they did.

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Unleash the way you think about communicating

Saw this ad for the Samsung SII on a friend's Facebook today and I immediately thought of all the research us deafies have been doing on ASL and of Alan Hurwitz's quote in the WaPo story on Gallaudet that called ASL a "value-add."

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Northwest residents join Brisbane medicos to give gift of hearing

Stephen Heshibo will return home to his family in the Soloman Islands next week bearing a life-changing gift from a team of Brisbane medical professionals.

Mr Heshibo's cochlear implant will be switched on following his return to his homeland next Tuesday, allowing him to hear for the first time in almost 20 years.

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When hearing aids aren't enough, cochlear implants can help

(ARA) - Straining to hear each day, even when using powerful advanced hearing aids? Feeling frustrated and sometimes even exhausted from listening? Whether it happens suddenly or gradually over time, hearing loss can affect physical and emotional health.

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Thank you to my readers

A big thank you to all of you who are following my blogs, who keep visiting my site. Know that this means a lot to me!! I cannot post very much at the moment as I have a few other things going on at the moment but you should read a post once a week. I'll do my best.

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Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Australia’s Shame!

I was in Townsville. I was staying at Jupiter’s Casino. I was there for work. Jupiter’s had a special deal. If you stayed two nights it was only $128 a night. My room was overlooking the bay and the magnificent Magnetic Island.

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BREAKING NEWS: SprintVRS Announces Closing Down January 4 2012

Sprint Relay has special announcement in regarding VRS Service for all Sprint Customers. Important message below for you t0 read.

Due to recent regulatory changes imposed on the VRS industry by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has made it important for us to inform you about upcoming changes to Sprint Video Relay Services.

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Speech therapy made me strong

I have been with Mrs. Hudlikar for speech therapy since Prisha was a year old. She is strong, pushy and very focused and has a very all rounded approach towards learning language for normal living. Most speech therapist practice with just the child inside the room and mothers are asked to come an hour later.

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VRS Abuse Video Project Announcement

myVRS Relay Central LLC wants your help! If you have problems with any VRS Providers in regarding “Porting” which means transfer your 10 local phone number from one VRS provider to other VRS provider but had a problem such as stealing your number without your permission, the company’s products is not what you expect, lousy video quailty, or whatever any one of your bad experienced with in the past.

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