Tuesday, January 30, 2007

OCDAC Newsletter January 30, 2007

Dear Friends,

We plan a very rich, wholesome, cheerful, and memorable contribution to the Deafnation Expo experience this coming April in Pomona. You all be wary of anyone sending or forwarding out emails telling we're doing something else there. Last year we made a positive and memorable impact on the future deaf generation and this year, we will do it again.

Bob Davila's actions have gone as predicted in the editor's previous blog and vlog submissions. The visibility of the future of deaf society emerge at Gallaudet University hopefully by the end of April 2007.

We have been getting plenty of accolades for making the holiday cards and toys accessible to the blind and the deaf-blind. We do things that otherwise most toy companies and even organizations serving the blind don't even consider doing to make things accessible to the blind. We are sad to report that one such organization, Lighthouse for the Blind , has people who chose to be critical of our products. They too offer toys and games, but at prices that makes most of them them practically inaccessible. Not only do we make things physically accessible to blind people, we also make them economically accessible as well.

Our newsletter will be taking on a new appearance soon. It's going to be shorter and carry the same rich advocacy. It's going to be colorful as it is going to carry pictures. And this newsletter will be reflecting some of the changes. Enjoy!

Thanks Hollywood! Movie studios have been buying hundreds of dollars worth of assistive technology from, us! Maybe we'll see our products on the silver screen.

We can't help but notice the deafread's blog awards voting page don't list any blogs that represent the future of deaf society. This sends a strong yet very sad message about a website that claims to be the conglomerate of the deaf blogs.

We are getting ourselves ready for the big education campaign of 2007 with the kickoff at the Orange County Mixer in March.

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Monday, January 22, 2007

OCDAC Newsletter January 21, 2007

Dear Friends,

While it appears to many of us that our services to the deaf and disability communities is a thankless job, we have been getting a lot of thanks for our work. The thanks we have been getting so far unfortunately has not been very visible to the public. People have been sending us donations and buying things, LOTS OF THINGS, through our eBay store and catalog. Our weekly sales through our eBay store has gone beyond the $2,000 mark and that could be a beautiful suggestion that our society is showing enormous thanks for our good deeds.

We have also been very busy expanding our operations, getting the grant proposals and RFP's done and submitted, going to chamber of commerce meetings. And this is one of the few reasons our newsletter frequency has sort of spaced out. The county is going to hire another person to work in our office soon and hopes that frees up more time. Also be mindful that editor was also elected as his condominium's association's superintendent last October and that added the responsibilities equivalent to that of an apartment manager to his hands.

We have been getting calls about some of the editor's youtube videos. The editor made those youtube videos for a good reason, to educate the public of the dark side of the California state system that finances the deaf social service programs. Much work needs to be done to eliminate the collusions that remain within the state deaf services funding program and the videos are already getting their attention.

Congratulations and kudos goes to the Deaf Life Magazine for their bold comeback!

We also are getting calls for Disneyland tickets as well, we had plans for a deaf day at Disneyland but it was scrapped.

We are getting ourselves ready for the big education campaign of 2007 with the kickoff at the Orange County Mixer in March.

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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Tear Down The Walls Of Gallaudet University!

Dr. Davila, tear down the walls of Gallaudet University! Tear down the barriers to freedom of education. Tear down all the walls of Gallaudet University!

Richard Roehm

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