Thursday, April 28, 2005

Abilities Expo - Anaheim Convention Center - June 3-5, 2005


The one show for independent and assisted living products
and services. Abilities Expo remains dedicated to helping
to improve the lives of people with disabilities.

We are considering a booth there.


DeafNation Expo this Saturday! - FREE ADMISSION

Come one, Come ALL!

Deafnation Expo takes place this Saturday in Pomona.

We will have a booth there and hope to see you there!

Fairplex, Building 8
1101 West McKinley Ave.
Pomona, California 91768
Exhibit Hours: 9 am to 6 pm


The event includes:
- Exhibitions (FREE)
- Entertainment (FREE)
- Seminars & Workshops (FREE)
- Film & Video Show (FREE)
- Children's Activities (FREE)

Wednesday, April 27, 2005


Dear Subscribers!

Thank you for joining us at yahoogroups list and this is where you
will get information and news from our agency.

With this being the 'premiere issue', I'll try to create a general
snapshot of the news about our organization and the deaf and
disability news.

1) News articles page has been moved from to our
site and is being developed into an easily replicable format for many
people like you to post the news pages on your websites with a simple
html code to use. Http://

2) We are also experimenting with resources to deliver
news to you so some of you will hear from me coming from that website
as well.

3) Many of our brochures are now being translated to spanish,
russian, spanish, german, and italian to accommodate the increasingly
diverse society we now serve.

4) Our largest deaf awareness program has been approved for the
county fair and it's twice as big and we have been given professional
trade show display sets to use. We plan on having a killer booth this

5) Yes news at this time is very interesting. What I'm seeing is
called the "VRS Wars" when a Utah based Video Relay Service company
tries to take over a large deaf VRS consumer base using non-
interoperable videophones. The California deaf coalition has
responded with a petition asking FCC to make rules to make it harder
for the Utah based company to interfere with us. This particular
Utah based company had nothing to do with deafness in it's history
suddenly decided to jump in to the scene with big donation checks and
plenty of schmooze. They have been competing fiercely against deaf
owned and deaf run VRS organizations. The VRS wars has already pitted
deaf people against deaf people and given the fragility of our deaf
society already being weakened by the medical community, society will
crumble fast unless we act to end this nasty front.

6) Deaf rights across the world has improved with many accolades
going to the United Kingdom who has made many steps to improve access
to deaf consumers among others. Disability rights have improved
somewhat. Its a mixed results as leading deaf and or disability
advocacy organizations are being increasingly selective over cases to

7) The callbox issue is confusing at this time because what I have
been doing is to get the call boxes accessible to the deaf motorists
using non-confrontational means while a state deaf organization has
decided to sue for access. At least we both have same goals but our
paths to achieve it differs greatly. We will have a meeting in the
next 3 weeks to determine progress and discuss possible changes in
the target areas for the accessible call boxes.

8) We have our own classroom where we can teach sign language, ADA
refresher classes, literacy booster classes, and many other classes.
Other possible uses are for SHHH, CAD, ADAPT, and maybe DREES

Finally our news page is Sidekick friendly so you can access it while
youre on the go! Http://

Ask your friends to join this mailing list as we will have more news
and advocacy tips for you.

Finally you can shop and support us by going to
and the funds generated will be used to support the good work we've
been doing in the past 6 years.

Always at your service!

Richard Roehm