Sunday, January 27, 2008

Deaf Blog/vloggers Blinded By Super-sensationalism?

By looking at the great comments I received for my public service announcement video, it is safe to suggest that the sensationalism over a superbowl exposure has made the deaf communities very blind to a key issue in one of their groundbreaking lawsuits.

I'm gonna let you great deafreaders digest it on your own.


Thursday, January 17, 2008

If you have an ADA Title II & III complaint, FILE IT YOURSELF!

Lets not rely on the larger deaf organizations. The recent settlement one such organization got for us actually cheapened the value of the deaf community.

The link to the forms/procedures are right here;

Title II :

Title III :

Improve the value of the deaf community, file the complaints yourself!

Dont make the mistake of selling out the deaf community though these large deaf organizations!

Richard Roehm

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Response to Possibility of CSDF Closure

This is my response to

I vividly remember Dr. Rachel Stone and the great news she made.

I remember she had little desire to support the disabled at CSDR. Thats is why she made the great news.

Maybe they don't like the old guard deaf synergy that has made CSDF their stronghold so they decide to pull the plug on the whole school.

Thats very appropriate to teach the California deaf coalition a hard lesson for not embracing diversity in the first place.

Richard Roehm