Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Death Of A Hearing Impaired Bully Website A Big Blessing In Disguise

With news of the demise of a well patronized hearing impaired website that has gone from being social pillar to a bully platform, it's time to bring up its contributions.

The aggregator website forever changed the deaf social network. It also sprang up several new short lived deaf social websites. The social network system it's replaced will never come back to reclaim the space that was taken from it.

The biggest credit for that website is that it helped me win my divorce case by repeating and spreading the lies of huge magnitudes from my ex-wife. That's the thing that really sacked her in the courtroom. The website is credited for helping me win the 4 year long divorce battle. Kudos to that website for handling the "stupid" for me as I am very fortunate that I didn't have to stoop down to her levels to do anything stupid to try win the divorce.

Then it went on to support many different levels of cyberbullying and went on to hurt a lot of good people until it claimed the life of a vlogger.

Then it qickly took a nosedive to its demise.

A lesson learned is that when a website becomes a bully stage, it's days become numbered.

Richard Roehm

Eyefirevlogs will resume vlog sharing as soon as next week.

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