Thursday, October 25, 2012

Protests Could Hamper Gallaudet University's Re-accreditation With MSCHE

The recent protesting over the McCaskill issue could raise a red flag with Middle States Commission on Higher Education.

Gallaudet University is quickly approaching to the re-accreditation deadline with MSCHE. And MSCHE could use this as a bargaining chip to impose major changes on the campus life.

Gallaudet University's leadership can not afford any more missteps like this as University President Hurwitz recently stumbled upon a minor issue that turned out to be a landmine of sorts.

Gallaudet University's leadership needs to stop kowtowing to the fringes and extremists entrenched within the campus and think what's best for the campus as a whole if it wants to see itself existing beyond the horizons.

Else, Gallaudet University will see it's sunset.

Richard Roehm

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