Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Dr. MJ Bienvenu Needs To Resign From Gallaudet For Instigating Bully Campaign Against Dr. Angela McCaskill

She needs out ASAP. She started all this with her misinterpretation of Angela's action. The deaf community can not afford any more misinterpretations that turn into oppressive actions against deaf leaders like what transpired recently.

Angela said MJ and her partner started it in the video at the link below.

Gallaudet official wants job back, compensation
McCaskill was suspended after signing petition on same-sex marriage law

And in another news website;

She identified the faculty member as Martina Bienvenu and said that Bienvenu and her partner, Kendra Smith, acted as “extremists” by advocating for the university to unfairly discipline her for signing a petition McCaskill said she had a constitutional right to sign.

New development, it's time to be pressing charges against Martina Bienvenu and her partner, Kendra Smith:

"1. D.C. law provides that it is a crime for any person to “by threat[] or intimidation, interfere[] with, or attempts to interfere with, the right of any qualified registered elector to sign or not to sign any initiative, referendum, or recall petition, or to vote for or against, or to abstain from voting on any initiative, referendum, or recall measure."

Angela McCaskill signed the petition on a Sunday at church. Not while on duty on Gallaudet campus.

When confronted by the faculty member, Dr. McCaskill confirmed that she had in fact signed the petition and explained that she had done so while at church, after her preacher had preached against gay marriage. As she was leaving, her husband pointed to the petition and she signed it without giving it further thought.

Dr. MJ Bienvenu started it all and she has to atone for the misdeed that followed her poor judgment.

Added McCaskill, “MJ, Dr. Bienvenu and her partner, Kendra Smith, wrote a letter to the president of the university asking that I be reprimanded.”


Apparently the Eye Fire Vlogs website that originally hosted this information had been hacked in the past 24 hours. So this is being repeated in several locations.


  1. Suppose you (a black person) found out that a white co-worker had signed a petition to allow the KKK to rally in your neighborhood or in support of some other KKK sponsored legislation ... and you report that co-worker - is that bullying OR is it supporting freedom, unity, and each person's right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness?

  2. The act of signing the petition like that is called freedom.

    The act of reporting a co worker that he/she signed a petition like that is called an act of intimidation and bullying.

    I don't care what the cause or issue the petition reflects, the right to sign a petition should be treated as sacred.

    Nobody should be bullied before and after the fact he/she signed a petition.

  3. Dr. Angela McCaskill at her own personal belief and had signed the anti equal marriage. That is ok as she respects for others who are gay and lesbian. My daughter is a lesbian and second year at Gallaudet. I will always respect and love her no matter whatever she decides. Yes, she would like an equal marriage for life time partner. That is ok. I am not a lesbian, but I want my daughter to be happy. I do not want her to be unhappy if she "has" to marry a male for society's sake or parent's sake.