Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Why Are Many Deaf Non-profits Silent Over VRS Fraud Matters

They have been corrupted by the volatile VRS marketplace. The interpreters hired by the VRS industry have strong connections with non-profits. Certification is not possible without the backing of a deaf non-profit these days. This, therefore, creates a co-dependency situation of the interpreters depending on non-profits and vice versa.

Recently the CEO of a large California non-profit sent a letter to FCC complaining that 11-184 FNPRM “Structure and Practices of the Video Relay Service program” is not available in American Sign Language. If she is going to play the sign language card for the purpose of intimidating FCC, she is running the risk of making FCC look farther away from the goodness of the VRS industry and implement more strict rules.

The real meaning of her recent letter is trying to soften up the FCC's grip on the VRS industry by playing the sign language card. Many major VRS players already have excellent command of the English language and to see a letter like this from a CEO of a deaf nonprofit safely suggest corruption by the VRS industry.

Richard Roehm

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