Thursday, December 22, 2011

The OCDAC Relay Service Concept Established On May 31, 2002 at 1:26 PM (Pacific Time)

The OCDAC Relay Service concept is best described using only two words; Simplicity and Sustainment.

A simple telecommunications relay system to function as a communication assistant between two parties one being with a hearing and/or speech disability to be used in place of a telephone.

Take the image below for example as if it was going to be seen on a website.

Frame 1 would carry a rotating advertiser banner.

Frame 2 would carry a rotating advertiser banner.

Frame 3 would carry the communication services being a text relay and, in these advanced times, a dual video for communication assistance using sign language. They will be in two functions chosen by the user, text or video. The text relay function will be fully automated text-to-speech and speech-to-text pretty much like the old text based California Relay service. The video function would utilize an open source dual video system.

Security elements to prevent fraud use would be as simple as banning IP's.

Since this receives funding only from rotating advertised sponsors, FCC rules and conditions is not going to apply.

And this simple relay concept can be implemented in any country of the world.

Call centers would be simple as laptops, webcams, and multi-line telephone system.

We have an AIM account "ocdacrelay" we established on May 31, 2002 at 1:26 PM Pacific Time for the purpose of introducing the IP relay concept to the deaf community. It is still active as an AIM account as of now. Its not functioning as a relay service at this time. I been getting dial requests as result of this blog posting.

Why "ocdacrelay" concept did not become a major relay service is due to a very sophisticated combination of theft and crab theory casted upon the innovator, Richard Roehm, by the sign language extremists and their cronies. And this is the very reason why our specialized communication services concept has a growing distrust by our current society because it is something that was stolen from a deaf person.

All the internet based relay services owe the Orange County Deaf Center a great deal of resources for being the stepping stones to a great communication access service widely used by the deaf and hard of hearing.

Richard Roehm


  1. I recall using MCI's IP-Relay service in high school -- and I graduated in 2001. Hence, we have a logical fallacy - as MCI started the IP Relay service in 2000. It's quite ridiculous to think that you "invented" Internet TRS.

  2. It was a long time before IP Relay services where available over AIM and mobile devices. I recall the first service to do so cost about $10 a month plus the cost of the pager and it wasn't a full solution. We have the concept for IP Relay over IM services first as far as I can tell. But it was Richard that lead that idea. We are always doing work arounds to help our clients but because we don't publish papers other people are free to take the information and run with it. We didn't invent internet TRS, we figured out a way to make it available on AIM in real time and thus on computers and cellphones. But we didn't get any credit for it.
    Beth Koenig
    Executive Director
    Orange County Deaf Advocacy Center