Friday, December 30, 2011

VRS Took Sign Language Interpreter Away From Deaf In Court Last Wednesday!

Happened last Wednesday. VRS industry needs to ease their grip on sign language interpreters so deaf people can have their access rights in court. Shame! Shame!

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  1. i cant believe they did that u would think someone
    who hires deaf to work for them would be a ada
    advocate u would think that they would not play such cruel ignorent hearing tactics seems they
    are trying to censor court and the coherncy of
    understanding for deaf in a court of law seems
    vrs is more hearing then deaf right now as a deaf
    person i am ashamed of them i am supprised they are not keeping within there promisory contract as legal promisor of services to the deaf
    public who is the promisee they are not showing contractual mental coherency to the services of the deaf this is also domestic violence this is also a violation of ada title 3 coersion and retaliation nbr 3.11000 seems deaf have no say
    left in court when court is run by hearing and hearing have tolerence for this and will not have a deaf judge nor other disabilities seems that they are repulsed by the disabled communitty and its abilites seems that hearing have no interset in serving the deaf or disabaled or mentally ill seems that the hearing like to shun
    the rights of the deaf in this case and tolerate
    such discriminatory representation and no i wont
    be a judge