Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Commentary On Bridget And Jerry Bonheyo's Indictment

As you all know, indictments were handed to Bridget and Jerry Bonheyo yesterday.

I personally know Bridget and she's from very good stock. I am very shocked to hear that she is being accused of being one of the pirates that robbed FCC and NECA. I'm still a believer that people are innocent until proven guilty. I find it extremely painful to swallow this news. But I've been around wolves in sheep clothing and I feel guilty for not vetting Bridget out thoroughly before I put her in my heart. Maybe I missed it because she had a strong association with a well known deaf con-artist. But hey, I'm a believer that angels could be made out of devils as I seen with the late Robert Johnson's transformation. I had thought highly of and believed in Bridget and welcomed her into my heart.

What makes these indictments shocking is that, unlike the infamous 20 something people that were arrested back then, Bridget knew the deaf communities a lot more than "the powers that be" that are getting their prison sentences in these days.

Bridget has been pretty much the glue that kept a big chunk of the deaf community united together. Now with her credibility being crushed by the federal government, it brings an ominous sign preluding the "great weakening" of the deaf community.

I've seen plenty YouTube videos from the deaf community showing their feelings and fears of the year 2012.

Yesterday's indictment news sends a signal that the year 2012 has begun in the deaf community.

Richard Roehm