Thursday, December 08, 2011

A Brief Snippet Of The Deaf Evolution In Orange County, California

When I started OCDAC in 1998. There had been 15 children in the oral deaf camp in OC. It has grown to 600 children this summer. That's 600 kids that's not going to be students under any of the Orange County DHH schools principaled by Jon Levy. That's 600 kids that are never going to be part of either CSDR or CSDF or Gallaudet. That's 600 kids that are going to lead independent lives. That's 600 kids that are never going to be part of the quasi-schizophrenic like deaf blogging and vlogging community either. That's 600 kids that will lead safe, healthy, and productive lives completely free from the closed deaf society. And even as painful is local ASL camps have gone from 210 kids in 1999 down to 55 kids in 2010 and was canceled this year because only 5 kids were signed up. Now you see I have been part of the waves in the past 13 years that has changed the face of the deaf community in Orange County, California. And a handful of old guard deaf wanna-be leaders have responded to this by attacking me because they cant handle the truth.

Richard Roehm

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